Monday 12 May 2014

Ca Roule

As summer approaches, I've been hunting for cute statement tees to pair with skirts, over maxis and with my one pair of shorts I will wear in public.  Recently, I found two great tees and used them today for my Mix or Match May ensembles!  First up, a little Marc Jacobs score for the mix-not-match look...
Marc Jacobs tee $6.30, pink flats $5.60 VV Boutique

For the more matchy-matchy look, a bird tee from Old Navy...
Tee $3.50 - which, when you consider the original price point, makes this the lesser score despite the lower price!
But I still love it!

You wouldn't guess it, but this skirt is almost chiffon-y.  I don't know how to describe the fabric or the pattern and the tag is in Chinese; all I know is that it is midi length, colourful and was bound to come home with me for only $4.90!
Both looks are a bit mix-y, but I went with the yellow stripes since I was working at a French school today.  Also, I've been seeing a lot of wordy tees and tops on the fashion blogs and such, and wanted to get in on the action.  For those of you who don't happen to belong to a French community like moi*, "ca roule" means "it rolls" or "everything's fine!"
*I looked it up.   
I tucked and added a $2.10 coral belt and threw on a $2.80 scarf as I headed out the door...

Turns out I made the right tee choice because as I was walking from the parking lot to the school, I had a very dangerous encounter...
 With a menacing opponent...
I'll be back for YOU, Tree Branch, tomorrow.  With my chainsaw.*
*Just kidding, Town of Beaumont.

All I can say is that peripheral vision is not to be under-valued.  Here is the order of events:
  • got out of van with 50 bags, hunched over from the weight
  • stood up tall as I took a short-cut to the sidewalk
  • PAID for that with a stinging scrape on my neck
  • dropped everything and removed my yellow scarf - I knew I was going to bleed!
  • once I knew my scarf was safe, I tended to my injury with the help of kind school staff*
*who happened to donate one of the items my client Katie wore in the Edmonton Journal story.... it's a small world!
I will always protect you, Sunshine!

I'm pretty sure the wound gave me some serious cred with the preschoolers today.  At the very least, it made me walk with a swagger thinking, "Ca roule, ca roule."

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