Thursday 1 May 2014

Mix or Match May

I have a fantastic style challenge for the month of May!  Mix or Match May!  I'm taking a piece then styling it two ways - MMS (Matchy Matchy Syndrome) and Mix Not Match.  Then, I will share my #matchymatchy and #mixnotmatch looks on Instagram and/or the blog for your viewing pleasure!  By all means, comment, vote and like away!   

Aside from helping me to figure out what to wear, I love fashion challenges that encourage me to make use of my ample thrifted wardrobe, explore new ways to style my clothes, expand my styling skills and most importantly, understand my personal aesthetic that much more.  Getting to know yourself better is a good thing!

My first piece for "Mix or Match May" is my pleated skirt...  Because I couldn't decide on only two looks I'm ambitious, I have one matchy matchy look and THREE mix-not-match looks...
She Does Create bracelet and earrings
 She Does Create bracelet and necklace
Gold necklace $1.50 Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe
Forever 21 shell and accessories from my closet
She Does Create pendant and bracelet

Once I started playing dress up, I realized how versatile this skirt is!  I originally thought I wouldn't get much use out of it because it doesn't go with much... SO WRONG!  I would wear any of these looks and more! 
Surprise, a necklace with every look! (you should too)
Which one do you think I chose for a happy May Thursday?!

I chose...
I loved the casual top-pretty skirt combo and the mixed patterns and the unifying colour!  I thought I would immediately dislike the matchy matchy look, but surprisingly, I loved it too!  Hmmm, I think Mix or Match May is going to be even more challenging than I thought!  Which look is your fave?!


  1. I actually LOVED all of the looks, inc the matchy-match one. I thought you would pick the aqua crochet top, but alas, wrong again! :)

    1. Thanks Amy!! Actually, when I reviewed the pics, I preferred the aqua crochet! Next time!

  2. I much prefer matchy than mix. Mix is too busy for me.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Anonymous! You are in good company! Many women prefer a matchy look (and even I do sometimes!!). It's really about what makes you happy individually!

  3. Just jacked off to these pictures


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