Monday 21 April 2014

Read With Me

I don't buy magazines very often because Pinterest.  However, I picked some up for a recent retreat and as I was reading through them, I snapped pics because that's what I do when I read; I take notes, I snap pictures - whatever I need to do so that I can keep the information readily available and hopefully have a better chance of recalling it when I need it amidst my busy life.  In case you're interested, here is a recap of my journey through these fashion mags...
Clockwise from top left:
I have copper bag and sandals similar, so I need a belt and will try to style them like this!
Reminds me of my peplum top.
Reminds me of my vintage mint top.
Reminds me of my slingback mules from Korea circa 1997.  Glad I kept them.
Top shots give me styling ideas for my mint skirt.
I have an orange sleeveless top and will try this easy laid-back style.
Nice look for my BR cropped blazer.
I have laser cut thrifted Miz Mooz!
Reminds me of my good-eating navy Easter dress.
Good thing I picked up my white Matt&Nat bag.
Reminds me of my She Does Create piece.
These pics inspired my Easter pastel look.  
Crochet top over no-tuck shirt with mixed contrasting pastels including blush-peach!
Love the leopard and mixed print with a simple white tee (which I don't have) + bold necklace.
Would like to try cognac with my short sleeve polka dot top.  Need cognac bag!
Cropped denim jacket, floral pants, nude pumps... yes!
Styling ideas for a midi skirt!
All things on my hunting list!  Need patience!
Top photos remind me of my ankle crop pants and confirm they are "art print."
Styling ideas for bomber jackets.
How Armani ties a small square scarf.  Need white blazer!
These photos are all about affirming my inclinations!
I have perforated shoes, I want to wear mint and cobalt, and metallic and geometric are part of Looking Lucky!
As soon as I find silky "pajama" pants, I'm snatching them up!
Look at those colours together - love!
Oh and look how Sandra Bullock wears red and pink together!
Styling idea for a high-waisted skirt!
The best piece of advice for last.

(Most inspiration is from the April issue of In Style with some from RedBook and People Style Watch - all photos taken while reading these purchased mags.)

And now for the other kind of reading!  Books!  I love books and have embarked on Jon Acuff's Empty Shelf Challenge and though I'm not reading as much as I would like, I am making progress!  I finished my latest BookLook Bloggers selection, Watershed Moments by Gari Meacham and found it to be a great read!
Watershed Moments : Turning Points That ...

Why did I choose this book:

The subtitle of Watershed Moments by Gari Meacham is what caught my eye – “Turning points that change the course of our lives.”  I’m personally interested in learning how to be content and attentive in the present and thought this book might help me to that end.   Meacham describes a “watershed” moment as “the moments God uses to mark us, move us and alter us for good,” “the moments we encounter God,” or “a point from which you can’t turn back.”  She uses Biblical stories and examples as she describes seven kinds of watershed moments: change, awareness, rebuilding, control, approval, overcoming and belief.

  • Watershed moments of change are often preceded by a period of feeling stuck.  This helps to reframe those periods of life; when it seems like God is absent, like nothing is happening – that is a clue that God is giving a “gift of time” to teach and prepare us, to allow us to seek Him, pray and develop belief, trust and obedience.
  • Watershed moments of awareness are when God gifts us with insight into ourselves and others.  We can let go of over-analyzing and striving for our own understanding and rest of God’s understanding, then acknowledge and accept what we’ve been “bestowed” with and count them as blessings that “give way to truth.” 
  • Meacham frames watershed moments of rebuilding  around developing Godly vision or “vision crafting.”  She suggests that we do this unabashedly, visioning what God has planned, and looking for what God is building knowing that he is building something worthy.  This is not an effortful process but rather recognizing the initial inkling of a vision then praying about it.  This can be a long term vision or just hope for the next moment
  • Meacham’s discussion of watershed moments of control included a great explanation of godly submission.  Surrendering to God means acknowledging that we can’t control everything, we can’t do it alone but we CAN do it with God’s help.  Meacham suggests women move from trying to control to being an influence – embracing the gift of opportunities to build people up - and the end result, which God desires for us, is peace.   
  • Many of us struggle with being people-pleasers or letting approval from others guide our actions.  Meacham suggests that watershed moments of approval from God help us to break free from the captivity of living for others, and allow us to live contentedly in God’s approval. 
  • Watershed moments of overcoming any evil or negative influence are marked by embracing God’s authority and having the ability to respond to any circumstance with calm resolve.

Bottom line:

Though Watershed Moments doesn’t always flow smoothly, Meacham’s scripture examples and discussion prompt the reader to reflect on one’s own watershed moments and move closer to fulfilling our godly purpose and ultimately experiencing the joy and freedom that God desires for each of His children.

I am a member of  BookLook Bloggers.
In exchange for writing a review, I received this book for free.

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