Wednesday 23 April 2014

Lace on Lace

(I just couldn't put "Looking Lucky" and "Lace on Lace" in the same title but you know that's what this is about!)

It poured rain all day today so my plans for skirts and bare legs were ... washed away (!) and I was left to face the pants.  I'm #afraidofpants following Easter indulgences.  Alas, I went with my basic black trousers which I hardly ever wear because they're so very basic.  However, they gave a nice ... base to the stars of my ensemble, the Spring trend of the day: LACE!
London Fog lace blazer $3, blue lace RW tee $4, black trousers $3.50, patent Sperry's $9.80 all VV Boutique

My 3yo photographer was complaining of a sore hip this am and therefore was not the most enthusiastic about taking pics for mommy.  Mid-photo shoot I realized she wasn't bearing weight on that side and there was a real problem so we shut 'er down.  
I actually feel pretty badly for asking her to take pics at all.  Sniff.
She did a great job nonetheless and I blame these fantastic lace pieces for blinding me temporarily...

In my highly scientific research (i.e., Twitter), I learned that pearls are "in" so what better time to dig these strands from my closet for the day.  I debated not wearing the blazer to work but swapping it for a black cardi then I remembered that the blazer was only three bucks and it's one of my favourite finds and what use is there in saving clothes for special days!!  Don't!!  Just wear them any old rainy day!
Here I am practicing what I preach.

Maybe one day I will pass the blazer and the pearls onto my daughter and say, remember that time Mommy made you stand on your sore leg to take pictures of my clothes? 
But the lace is really pretty at least...

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