Sunday 20 April 2014

Looking Lucky - Easter Pastels

This is going to come out of left field, but I chose Easter Sunday to wear pastels for the Looking Lucky Fashion Challenge.  Totally unpredictable, that's me.
Old Navy peach popover blouse new-with-tags $3.50, crochet top $4.20
Kate Spade loafers $9.80, Matt&Nat bag $9.10 all VV Boutique
Mint skirt $2.50 Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe
She Does Create earrings, bracelet and coral pendant
Mixed metal on the bag is a win win.

I've been "studying" the pastel looks and have concluded that anything goes.  Pastels look good monochromatic, mixed or with pops of primary colours.  Today, I decided to mix 'em and see how it felt.
I like the mix.
It reminded me of Black Out Style when I learned that you can just throw colours on together and it will most often look good.  Less matchy, more mix = more interesting.
Snowy noticed I was posing and got in on the action.

Despite *needing* more She Does Create pieces, I was pleased to find perfect complements in my closet for this Easter Sunday ensemble...
Oh yeah, the coral bracelet strand is from VV!
Coral + pink = peach, right?

Sometimes you can find thrifted handmade pieces; 
this crochet top is not handmade but still a cool find though I don't exactly know what to do with the pockets...

I felt this look was a bit Ruche-y, which is a good thing in my opinion.  I liked the layers, the relaxed fit (a requirement following two Easter meals).  I haven't worn peach since I inadvertently wore a lace mother-of-the-bride suit to my high school graduation but this outfit showed me I'm ready to try again.
But if you see my husband in a peach tie while I'm wearing peach, I expect an intervention.

Now, just a quick Spring trend Looking Lucky recap:
Graphic from Sarah's Real Life, so much more interesting than a list...

So far I have covered:
Looks like I'll be wearing some lace, neon and metallic this week!

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