Wednesday 19 March 2014

Colour Neighbours

In case you missed it, something pretty cool went down last night on Twitter.  I learned that VV Boutique Style has been nominated for a Yeggie!!  The Yeggies are awards "created to recognize and celebrate outstanding social media content creators in the capital region."  There are several awesome categories and so many great nominees that I just want to skip work and click around and read everyone!  VV Boutique Style is nominated in the Fashion & Style category and I am so honoured and thrilled!  There are many great local fashion bloggers and I am happy to be counted among them!  My goal for VV Boutique Style is to experience JOY in this wonderful hobby and all its aspects - the technology learning, the style evolution, and of course, oh of course, the joy in thrifting!  Everything else that has come along with this adventure is gravy, or frosting, or gravy then frosting if you have PMS; it's a bonus.  The Yeggies are a bonus, whichever Tribute is the victor.  Wait....

Naturally I couldn't sleep as I laughed at my own inventive hash-tagging (#yeguterus was funny for at least 2 people including me), contemplated my red carpet ensemble (will there be a red carpet?  There better be because this is likely my only red carpet opportunity.  I'm going to give each of my kids a flash camera and plunk them in front to build up the paparazzi experience; getting my needs met, that's what that is booyah...), and selected my Pinspired March outfit for today...
Vintage red blazer $3, black denim $6, pink blouse $3.50, Cole Hann bag $8 all from VV Boutique
Shoes and accessories from my closet

I was pleased with the end result!  My colour muse Elisa Nalin loves red and pink, and I love wearing bold bright clashy colour neighbours together!  The neutral shoe is a nice twist on basic black and made me feel like spring is here even though there is tons of snow yet.
I also love that my Pinterest "research" is leading me to great blogs like A Fashion Love Affair by Vancouver blogger, Cara!  Can't wait to browse through her site too!
My 3yo photographer declared this photo of my ponytail "the best" and who's going to argue with a 3yo?  Not me.  

I also love love love taking these pins and recreating them with thrifted pieces!  Cara's original outfit may be beautiful, but my $20.50 thrifted version is AWESOME!  It's another example of how you don't need a big budget to be fashionable or experiment with trends.  Go on, get to VV Boutique and pick up some colour neighbour pieces, throw 'em together and see what you think!
Action shot of me running...behind.

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