Friday 21 March 2014

Casual Friday Formula

I don't work every Friday, but when I do, I want to be careful how far I push the limits of "casual Friday."  I like a polished casual Friday more than a yoga-pants casual Friday and, after years of watching What Not To Wear, I concur that a blazer really does elevate an outfit.  Before thrifting (BT), I basically had one interview blazer and never wore it for fear of wrecking it.  After thrifting (AT), I have several blazers ranging in price from $3 for my London Fog lace to $9 for my Banana Republic print.  My guesstimate for the priciest blazer regular retail would be my beloved Lida Biday wool silk charcoal beauty which I scored for $4!  My point: for anyone hesitant to take WNTW's advice because blazers are just too fancy for your everyday life, thrift your blazers!  Then, you can wear them any old casual Friday and feel great about it...

My casual Friday look was inspired by this pin which had a great fashion formula for casual Fridays:  bright blazer + cargo skinnies + printed top + statement necklace.  I love me some fashion formulas!  Helps me so much when I'm brushing my teeth and running around late and naked and trying to figure out what to wear.
Ann Taylor cargos $6, gifted mustard blazer but originally $5 thrifted, polka dot top $3.60, Clarks she-booties $10
all from VV boutique
Necklace $1.50 from Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe
Necklace and bracelets from She Does Create
Today, my 6yo photographer felt that the angled shot was the aesthetic thing to do.

That style formula seems pretty straightforward to me.  Swap jeans or skinnies for the cargos, add a longer print top to get the short over long over skinny formula going on, swap a pendant for a statement necklace... the possibilities are endless!
Swap booties for the sandals pictured in the pin.  Because "spring" where I live is -15degrees.

Do you have a Casual Friday Formula?  If it's yoga pants, click here.  If not, what's your go-to?! 


  1. Hi Nicole,
    What a great and unique concept for a fashion blog! I must say that I couldn't stop scrolling through all of your posts. Congrats on the Yeggies nomination!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Joanna and congratulations to YOU! There should probably be a field trip to Paris for all the Fashion & Style nominees!! I had a quick peek (by necessity not choice) at your blog too and will be heading back for some Parisian inspiration! I used to be intrigued with the "tiny wardrobe" which for some reason I associated with Paris, but since finding some many thrifted pieces, I've switched my focus to the anti-tiny wardrobe. :) I will look forward to future bloggy connections!

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