Sunday 3 November 2013

Ballroom Blitz

It's only November 3rd but November has already been hustling and bustling!
  • I started my third round of Whole 30 because I'm #afraidofpants and winter has arrived (see round one and round two here).  
  • I started my second round of "Take One and Pass It On" hosted by the smart and stylish Sarah's Real Life.  This is an easy method of remixing your wardrobe, with a built-in excuse to leave your clothes out and wear things twice in a row (see the beginning of round one here).  Sarah will do a round up of bloggers taking part in this remix challenge, but you don't have to be a blogger to give it a try!  You have to get dressed everyday anyway - why not have some fun!?
  • I was invited to a "Food, Fashion and Friends" style party and got to share some style tips with a group of great women!
  • I went shopping with another smart savvy woman and can't wait to blog about it soon!
  • AND last but not least, I went to a ballroom dance competition!
What exactly does one wear to a ballroom dance competition?  I had no idea, so I played it down the middle with a basic black dress, semi-casual blazer and interesting details to finish it off...
Gap jacket $7 VV Boutique
Inner monologue: I'm posing after my astonishing win with the classic "Running Man."

The Rocky Mountain Dancesport Grand Prix was an amazing experience and a lifelong dream come true for my date (my cousin; my hubby isn't as taken with dancing).  It was so much fun to see all the costumes and the incredible talent!  We went Friday day and evening, and since we arrived early, I could snap some outfit shots without looking too conspicuous...
I knew I should've worn my bustier.
There were a lot of feathers and fishnet at this event.
From my perspective, I was in the same position as Miss Salsa in the poster.
(Not a dancer, can't touch my toes but my hosiery was apropos.)

I knew it was going to be fun when we checked in and viewed the event merchandise...
My favourite dress of the competition was this slinky number!  She wore it long for sultry sambas and such, then did a little lift and tuck for the swing and jive!  So versatile - I couldn't help thinking she was getting the best cost per wear!
Edmonton competitors included Devon, founder and instructor from Panko Dance Studio.

I was blown away to see women of every age, shape and size, all full of joy doing something they love!  It was so graceful and classy.  I loved it and immediately came home and started my petition for my boys to learn to ballroom dance. As a long-time fan of SYTYCD, I was a bit star struck to see France Mousseau there right beside me judging and enjoying the competition.  
Proximity makes you friends, right?

Here is a sampling of the fantastic dancers...
Just seeing these photos makes me want to go again!  Thank you to my cousin for inviting me along for a unique and memorable experience - same time, same place next year?!!

Last but not least, a recap of my #TakeOne ensembles so far.  I didn't think about how I can style my cozy sweater for work tomorrow but I will cross that bridge when I get there.  In 8 hours.
 Pass the jacket, pass the pants.

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  1. Oh, that just looks like so much fun!! Did you try out any moves when you got home?! Lol - I totally would have been dancing all night! :)

    Your tights look like they were perfect for the event - they are so cute!


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