Wednesday 6 November 2013

Boots Make Me Happy

I *had* to go to VV Boutique on Tuesday to look for some snow pants for my son and *happened* to browse past the boots just in case.  My sister spotted them first, checked the size, then handed them over (sullenly, or did I imagine that? wink wink)Kenneth Cole leather boots in my size and beautiful chocolate brown slouchy suede-y awesomeness!  For $18.90!  Like any good thrifter, I went home and immediately Instagrammed my treasure then plotted an outfit for today.  Since I'm doing the Take One and Pass It On challenge, I had to use something from my outfit yesterday (follow the arrows below)...
Boots of awesomeness.
Skirt $7, mustard tank $4.20, olive necklace $2 VV Boutique

I'm guessing these boots would be in the vicinity of $200 - $300 regular retail!  That, along with the great condition and comfortable fit, lands these in the VV Boutique Style Hall of Fame!  
Not every picture is H-2-T Tyra worthy!
Crop zee head.

The "boxy top" was listed somewhere (September was a long time ago) as a fall trend and I liked the interesting leather pocket detail.  For two bucks, it's worth a wear!
This is as "crop top" as I get.  You're welcome.

I probably wouldn't have worn a mustard tank if not for the #TakeOne challenge, but mustard goes with everything and it gave me a pop of colour and some coverage for my work activities which included donkey kicks and log rolls on a classroom floor.  I live a life of glamour.  I swapped my skirt for J Brand denim for an evening appointment...
Those are some fine boots.

Don't get me wrong; I know boots alone can't make you happy, but $18.90 Kenneth Cole leather boots can help to tilt the scales!  Please note that I still want to be a Poppy Barley ambassador.  If I love my thrifted boots this much, just imagine a pair of made-to-measure boots!  Anyway, just like children, I always have room in my heart for more! 
Take One and Pass It On recap:
Pass the sweater (worn with cobalt underneath for some colour blocking; pants not shown)
Pass the oxblood pants (photographed in my natural habitat - the Walmart family washroom; kids not shown)
Pass the mustard (work bathroom selfie; sink not shown)


  1. I am dying to know what donkey kicks and leg rolls are.

    p.s. "pass the mustard" made me laugh really, really hard. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Um, to do a donkey kick you put your hands on the floor then kick your back legs in the air while saying HEEHAW. To do a log roll, you lie on the floor with arms overhead and roll one way then the other trying to keep your path straight and not cheat by having arms/legs help! I'm a pediatric Occupational Therapist so we do these crazy things to help kids with their skillz to pay the billz. Someone said, "You wore the wrong outfit" which was my invitation to lecture on how you can wear skirts and anything but yoga pants in that environment and still do what you need to do! (I did NOT flash any small children or their parents!)

  2. Wow, you got an amazing deal on those boots! Super cute!

    1. Thanks! I heart thrifting! Never disappoints!

  3. Those boots were such a steal! I am on the lookout for a replacement pair of boots, and it would be AWESOME to score a thrifted pair.


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