Tuesday 19 November 2013

New Thrifted Pieces

I am blessed to have an ample closet, including a little section I designate for pieces waiting to be featured here!  Even though the purpose of Take One and Pass It On is to remix your wardrobe and make choosing outfits easier, I still want to wear my new stuff!  In the past few days, I managed to do just that and acquire some more new stuff at the 50% pre-sale day on Sunday.  I left off at gold pants then passed the zebra...

Then, I passed the cardi to wear with a new awesome chevron knit dress that feels like a comfy sweatshirt...
Chevron dress $8 VV Boutique, arm party by She Does Create
Necklaces and earrings from my closet

Next I passed the necklace because I wanted to wear this sweater with the pretty lace details.  I loved how it looked antique-y with the scarf...
Sweater $2.50 Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe, scarf $4 VV Boutique
J Brand denim from my closet

I think we, official participants of TOPIO, have concluded that it is totally legit to pass items like jeans, hosiery and accessories...so I passed the denim because I wanted to wear my new stripe tee!
Nicole Miller stripe tee $1.50 Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe, mustard cardi $2 VV Boutique
Scarf from my closet

I passed the stripes for a Monday work look, embracing pastels in winter...
New items here included the black trousers (rejoice) $3.50, raspberry tank new with tags $2 
and plaid scarf $1.50 from VV Boutique
Blue cardi $5 also from VV and accessories by She Does Create

Passing black pants is also NOT CHEATING so I passed them to today to wear to work with my new gray moto cardi (Jones New York $10)...

The roads were terrible and backed up so I had to turn around and come home.  Before I came in to change, I shovelled a bit...
Some of what I shovelled.  Note the Canada flag, so cliche.

The shovelling was good to clear my head.  One of my very best friends is hurting so I had a hard time caring much about style today.  But what I do care about, today and everyday, is living with joy and thankfulness and peace.  So that's what I'm going to keep doing.
Take One Recap:
Pass the zebra
Pass the cardi
Pass the necklace
Pass the denim
Pass the tee
Pass the pants

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