Thursday 31 October 2013

Happy VV Boutique Halloween!

Halloween is the Christmas-season of Value Village, and for good reason.  Value Village is the source for all the fixings for any conceivable costume, from the typical to the creative.  Whether  buying new or second-hand, VV prices are better or comparable to other retailers.  Naturally, I went there for my family's costumes.  If you follow me on Instagram, you got a sneak peek last Saturday when I hosted a family Halloween party/excuse to eat candy and drink cocktails.
 My sixties dress was $9.
My raspberry cordial martinis were priceless.
I think those women were onto something with this hairdo.
It took 2 minutes.  Clean hair not required.
My little flower child in her VV dress.
I heart coordinating costumes!
 $3 Hot Wheels Racer suit on deck!
He had a race-car driver costume too but opted to use dress-up clothes to be a magician.
For chilly trick-or-treating, she wore her dragon and roared at everyone!
Daddy Mario was a big hit with my Wii fans!

Since I am highly professional at all times, I also dressed up for work today.
I would wear this $3 vintage coat (new with tags from VV) any day, not just with my costume!
Hard at work.
Work = eating through the Halloween chocolate stash.
My costume presented the perfect opportunity to wear these sunnies, a blog-birthday gift from Value Village!

Fun day, good costumes!  Now back to our regularly scheduled shopping at VV Boutique!


  1. bahahaha!!!! (you know what that's for!!!) LOVE, oh LOVE, LOVE,...LOVE that is a LOL;) -mmm

  2. I am still laughing, out loud, in my office, by my self...hee hee...your expression CRACKS ME UP! -mmm

  3. Haha! You look awesome! Perfect outfit for those sunglasses! ;)

    Wish we could have been there for the raspberry cordial martinis, though!! :(

    1. The raspberry cordial martinis cured my cough. They are magical. You must make some!


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