Tuesday 15 October 2013

Moto Meeting

I would have posted earlier this Thanksgiving long weekend but I've been too busy recuperating from cake and turkey being thankful.  I'm thankful for so many things, not the least of which is getting to spend time with amazing people having fun shopping like I did last Thursday night at Fashion's Night Out.  And hey, I'm pretty thankful for the little things too like the $15 Simon Chang knit moto jacket I scored at FNO that I finally got to wear today to meet yet another smart savvy business woman for lunch (more on that another time).
 I am thankful for you, Moto.
 This is me trying to have "moto cred."
I don't really know what that is, but I'm 99% sure I'll never have it.

I wanted to put together a completely thrifted outfit for this meeting.  In the midst of Value Village Halloween frenzy, I want people to remember that VV Boutique is still the place to get stylish pieces in great condition at low prices to put together any look, from casual to corporate.
Simon Chang moto jacket $15
Bow belt $2.10
Bracelets $3 and $2
Necklaces $2 and $1
Total: $43.10

I liked how this outfit came together; the contrast of the ladylike belt and the "tough" jacket. 
 Looks like I inadvertently accessorized to match the leaves.

But the best part of these pieces is the fabric - structured and tailored, yet soft and comfortable.  Exactly what you need after a weekend of 2 turkey dinners, 1 birthday party, 3 cakes and pie. 
 You'd never know I gained 75lbs this weekend.


  1. You're TOTALLY sporting moto cred. Awesome score! :D

    1. Thanks Claire!! (remind my kids of my cred as needed!)

  2. I must admit that I tried on said moto jacket but alas it fit me not! Glad it fit you 'cause it looks goooooood!

    1. Thanks Joelle! It all comes down to thrifting faith - pieces go to the right home!

  3. super-cute!
    cannot tell that you ate more than a peppermint all weekend long-
    you look great
    so jealous over that jacket

    i'm off to MTL
    i've googled value village (altho there it's called Village des Valeurs)
    i will see if the seours (is that sisters in french!) will go with me....
    ha ha ha
    have a great weekend wearing your moto jacket

    su :)

    1. Su, I'm rather envious of you in Mtl - used to live there ya know, BT (before thrifting). Would love to know how Village des Valeurs is, so take photos and tell us all about it when you return!!

      Votre soeur de thrifting
      nicole (please say with a french accent)


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