Saturday 12 October 2013

Fashion's Night Out VV Boutique Styled - The 2nd

The evening was clear and crisp.  The destination was ready and waiting...
With a pic and a tweet, Fashion's Night Out VV Boutique Styled 2013 got started!
 Loitering by the accessories in a good shopping outfit, thrifted of course!

The evening started with a lovely chat with Karen Lee of The Local Good. She asked me questions while I tried (unsuccessfully) not to be distracted by the jewelry behind her. 
I ended up leaving with 4 pieces of jewelry; Karen ended up leaving with a fab pink suede coat!

Old and new friends started filtering in for a fun evening of shopping.  I was thrilled to have newbie thrifters, Slurge Sorority Sisters and fellow thrifting enthusiasts join me in the VV Boutique experience!

Faces and Finds of FNO-VVBS 2013

Joelle, #YEG fashion blogger of Clothes But Not Quite found many awesome pieces and left with a great haul!  
Joelle is another smart savvy lady that I now consider a fast friend!

Randa, the originator of the mustard-cardi obsession, wore hers again for FNO!
She brought her shopping assistant and found great pieces including a cobalt leather skirt,
and still managed to stick to a budget!  Good work Randa!
 What you are looking at on the left is an "OT-SLP Sandwich" (love the SLP bookends!)
On the right is another awesome friend and OT, Kim, 
who won last year's FNO top prize and took home many treasures this time!
I love me some smart business women and this one takes the cake!
Yet she didn't own a blazer... till FNO!
Her scores included a Banana Republic blazer, Mexx skirt and dresses WITH COLOUR!
 Beth scored perfect-condition she-booties and other on-trend fall pieces.
Deb Merriman of Sustainable|Slow|Stylish is involved in all things good and local.  
Here she is sporting a thrifted blazer and MATT & NAT bag, and an up-cycled necklace with thrifted silver.
Deb didn't have long to shop, but just long enough to find me this amazing Simon Chang moto jacket.
So now I'm indebted to her for life.  Gladly.
Su Dennis is on the left and was an incredible supporter of FNO - thanks Su!
She found some great pieces to ride along on an upcoming trip!
 My other Suzanne joined for part of the evening and scored two pieces, each great for its own reason.
On the right is a perfect condition beautiful-print J Crew cardi!
On the left is what she found for a work event for which she was to dress in a turkey theme.
Excellent interpretation, Suzanne!  I would even wear it again, outside of turkey-theme-dressing.
I'm still deciding if a workplace requiring occasional turkey-theme-dressing is awesome or horrifying...
Speaking of turkeys and Thanksgiving, these fitting room shots of my no-items included a rather salem-pilgimy looking dress (on me, anyway!) and another top that had so much potential but gave me a giant waist bubble. 
Other scores of the evening included a teal stone bracelet, fab oxford pumps and this scarf my friend Janelle scored at a different location.  The new owner of the oxfords BTW wins the award for dedication for stopping her early-morning flu with a powerful combo of willpower and Advil so she would not miss the event!
 Shannon from She Does Create, the official sponsor of FNO-VVBS 2013, scored this fab bag earlier in the day, 
and then bequeathed her Kenneth Cole bag to Joelle, right then and there!
Sharing the style-love, that's what that is!  AWESOME!
We gathered for the "after party" at Chili's and enjoyed bevvies, snacks and prizes!
Everyone went home with something - including VIP tickets to the upcoming Flaunt trade show.
Joelle was the lucky winner of She Does Create signature elephant pendant,
and Kim won these pretty rose-gold hued earrings!
The GRAND PRIZE WINNER for having the lowest cost-per-item was Chantel!
(Earlier in the evening, I had the pleasure of meeting Kristina from Flatter:Me Belts in person!  
Hope our paths cross again soon, Kristina!)

The mission of Fashion's Night Out VV Boutique Styled 2013 was to have fun shopping...mission accomplished!  Thank you to everyone for coming out and making this a night to remember!


  1. Yay!! What a great article. I will put up a link to it on my blog - not sure when as I have today and Sunday off. Probably sometime next week. I had soooooooooo much fun! Thanks to you and your sister for putting this together. I love the term "fast friends". I always welcome more friends. Can't wait for Flaunt Trade Show.

    1. Thanks Joelle! It was so nice to finally meet in person and I can't wait to hear all about Flaunt (can't go, sadly). Stay in touch!

    2. Yes it was wonderful to finally meet! We'll have to get together soon.

  2. Sorry I missed FNO - looks like all of you ladies had a BLAST! I look forward to your next event, since it looks like you are a wardrobe consultant & PARTEE planner! Great job Nicole!

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement and kind words, Joveena! Indeed we had a great time and it just makes me think I need to do it again and soon!

  3. wowza - some of the finds are incredible!
    still cant decide if that scarfy-sweatery thing i bought is super-cool or super-UNcool----upon further investigation i realize that it has never been worn! so maybe the original owner decided on the UNcool camp!
    maybe people in montreal will appreciate a little unCOOL, non?
    thanks again to you and your sissy for organizing such a fun nite! next year i'm gunning for a prize - love that elephant pendant!
    su :)

    1. I didn't see the sweater thing on so I can't properly give an (unsolicited) opinion! Sometimes the attached belts or scarves can limit the way you wear an item. I liked the print and can see it with leggings for a comfy plane ride. I bet the original owner just didn't know how to wear it - nothing to do with uncool. You could never be uncool anyway; you're one of the coolest people I know! Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm!

  4. Super fun night. LOVE my earrings! Thanks so much! :)


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