Monday 11 March 2013

Extra Awesome

I used to think the word "awesome" evoked Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and should be used sparingly.  Then I read The Book of Awesome and my attitude changed.  Now, in case you haven't noticed, I use the word freely and sincerely!  I think the more awesome I see in my everyday, the more filled with gratitude I am.  And then sometimes, extra awesome things happen.  Some random things I would classify as extra awesome include:
  • a surprise party
  • parcels on your doorstep
  • hoar frost and sunlight
  • enjoying seeing a special friend experience her first pregnancy
  • children sleeping in the morning of a time change 
And surprise presents, like this awesome necklace:
 Birthday gift from someone special, you know who you are and YOU are AWESOME!

And a surprise gift is extra extra awesome when it is for no reason in particular, like this crochet top...
 Gift from my talented sister.
Obviously I couldn't wait till spring to wear it,
so a long layering tee from my closet helped me out. 
I got a bazillion compliments today.  
I had to stop counting otherwise I could be more specific. 

Extra extra extra awesome that it is the minty aqua lacey crocheted perfection for Spring AND extra extra extra extra awesome that it was originally from VV Boutique and has just been waiting for the perfect home: my body.
 Welcome to your new home, Crochet Perfection!
I'm sure you'll be happy here!

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