Monday 25 March 2013

5 Ways to Wear a Sequins Tank In Canada

I like projects.  Especially projects that help me be a better steward of my stuff and inspire creativity and fit in my real life.  So, naturally, when I saw Franish's plan to do a series "5 Days 5 Ways," I started plotting.  And bribing my kids to take photos.  The idea is to take one piece each day and show five ways to wear it.  LOVE it!  We do this, right?  We real women with real wardrobes wear our clothes over and over.  Sometimes you reach for familiar combos and sometimes you try and shake it up a bit.  It's all about getting good value out of your wardrobe, good cost per wear or styles per cost

Monday's #5D5W piece is "tops" so I reached for something I've been wanting to wear but haven't because, well, the snow is deeper than my thighs.  All the better the challenge!  Meet my sequins tank ($3 VV Boutique):
Mixed with J Brand denim, and VV pieces - chambray and vintage velvet blazer.
This first look is inspired by Lilly of Lilly's style who is way ahead of the fashion game 
considering she posted her fab outfit more than a year ago!
Mixed with yellow pants, ballet flats from my closet and cream cardi from VV Boutique.
 Breaking up monochromatic pieces, Gap sweater from my closet and crop cords from VV.
Keeping it neutral but mixing up the textures with my London Fog eyelet lace blazer and cargos from VV.
Mixed with my high-low dress, black pointy flats and cardi to add some colour and pattern mix.  All from VV Boutique.
 And because I couldn't stop (or maybe count?), a bonus probable look as an under layer with a patterned top.

My mission was to find ways to wear this sequins top NOW without freezing or looking weird.  Yeah yeah yeah, I know I have bare legs and feet.  Just ignore that and picture some tights.  Note that I kept the accessories the same - could change it up but that's already a lot of sparkle and I thought a simple necklace avoided too much catty competition.  Hate it when my clothes and accessories bicker.

So, what's your fave?


  1. No 2 with the yellow pants (but four was a close runner up). This is a great top and I hope you get lots of wear! Visit from a fellow 5 day 5 ways challenger xo

  2. Who knew that a sequin tank could be that versatile! I love your creativity with it--you look adorable!
    Thanks for joining our link-up!

  3. The first look is my favorite. I've been wanting to do this too, but my sequined tank doesn't have the write neckline. Cute!

  4. Good thinking to use it as a vest! My favorite is the one with the tank over the denim shirt.

  5. Very cute tank! Sequins are my weakness! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Dang, overachiver status for you too! I love the version with the cream blazer, and under that last blouse - you look fabulous (as always!)


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