Thursday 7 March 2013

Crop Status Update

Since the great crop failure of 2012, I have been on the look out for "good" cropped pants at VV Boutique, and even made this one of my style resolutions for 2013.  Well, I can safely proclaim victory now that I've found not only one pair but two!

First pair are my fave green pants that I've shared before...
These were "expensive" at $9 especially considering they are an inexpensive label (H&M), but they are my favourite colour and they are what I deemed to be, after much review of the *literature*, a good length - right at my ankle bone or as we in the biz like to call it, malleolus.  Although a slim pant, they are not super skinny so they are appropriate for work (read: I'm not going to split my pants).

Imagine my delight when I found another pair of cropped pants at the February VV Boutique sale - this time purple cords and this time... TWO DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS!  These are another inexpensive brand (Joe) but I don't care because I didn't have any purple pants and they fit well and were super comfy.  And they were $2.50. 

These pants hit at about the same spot.  Of course, since it's still winter, going sockless is not an option.  The end-of-the-day photo may not capture the refreshing preppy look I was going for but take my word, I was at school today, and I felt preppy.  
One necklace was a gift from my favourite Janet, the other is She Does Create.
These particular photos were taken by my 7-year-old.  He gives a lot of direction as it turns out. 

I'm quite happy with my crop successes!  But then Anthropologie goes and messes me up with their latest selection of croppers.  I see mid-calf there!  I see all kinds of leg width and cuffs and patterns!  Dang, seems like the crop rules changed while I was busy trying to catch up to last year...  Mind the rules, bend the rules - either way, the bottom line stays the same:  go forth with attitude.  

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