Sunday 28 October 2012

Vintage Irish Wool

I am finding myself craving warm baked goods, stew and chili (made them both in the past few days), and I am pondering how I could put a little fireplace in my bedroom!  Why?  Because we are now in a state of permanent snow.  This requires cozy sweaters:
Millar "Made in Ireland" Pure New Wool Woolmark sweater $7 VV Boutique
Gap blue long sleeve tee $6
Part Two Belt $67

Cozy sweaters are not exactly slimming.  This beauty is a bit bulky and might be a smidge big but I adored the colours and striped pattern, the buttons, the three-quarter sleeves so I make it work with the belt.  I have already worn it several times!
It goes with everything!  Including my J Brand skinnies and my Frye's!

I also used a little trick I learned in the hunger days of the early nineties when I actually did a bit of modeling (poorly, in case that's not obvious).  There was this one time when the photographer's assistant duct taped my flesh to create a more defined waist line and hold everything in place for the shoot.  Worked like a charm - because no one saw the back.  No, I did not use duct tape here, but I applied the concept and skooched the excess fabric to the back to keep the front view clean.  If you spend your time looking at my back view, there are bigger problems than my bunchy sweater.  So there.
I love these wood bead hoops with this sweater!  $1 from VV Boutique!

A recent post by Goodwillista inspired me to think about the vintage potential in my VV Boutique treasures!  She shared this link to look at the tags to determine if a piece is vintage.  Sure enough, my sweater has a couple indicators:
The tag notes the origin of make and is decorative with that fancy squiggle in the background!  I did some googling and found another Millar wool sweater listed as vintage... but not much else - no webpage or retail links that I could find.  Thus, I hereby determine, by the power self-vested in me by VV Boutique, that this awesome sweater is vintage!

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