Friday 12 October 2012

Mustard Fryes

I know I already posted my leopard top earlier today, but I just couldn't wait to procrastinate share my incredible find - a dream come true!
What you are looking at is "Banana" Frye Sabrina 14L boots!!  The story goes like Splurge club was trying to decide who would go next and my name was in the draw.  Since I am only shopping for myself at VV Boutique or other second-hand venues (including hand-me-downs!) until September 2013, I was mentally preparing for a whole schwack of stuff ($480 goes a LONG way at VV Boutique especially on a sale day!), or making the case for one major exception - Frye boots.  So I started looking at the Frye website and pinning my faves.  I came across a banana pair and audibly sighed - so pretty, so awesome!!  I thought to myself: if I could have any Frye boots without worrying about cost or practicality, I would want yellow ones.  But I knew deep down that if I were to spend $400+ on boots, they should probably be more "practical" (i.e., brown).  Later that day, I even had the discussion with my pal about how the yellow boots would be a true splurge because you wouldn't otherwise get them....  Then, I started browsing for local retailers and lo and behold, a second-hand pair in my size was posted on Kijiji - in yellow.  Talk about fulfilling the desires of your heart!  I got to honour the rules of my adventure, score a fab pair of boots in great shape for less than half the retail price, and find another key piece in the colour that goes with everything!  Mustard!   
 Yep, I'm renaming them "Mustard."
Why Frye chose 'banana' as a descriptor is beyond me.
Not everyone likes bananas.  But mustard is another story.
I've always liked a lot of mustard, come to think of it.

I have a special fondness of mustard and red, (well, okay, I have a special fondness for mustard and everything) so I paired my new BFFs with the StyleMint Charlton tee ($40 - but currently on sale!), a long sleeve Gap tee ($6), black Oxmo tank ($40) and my J Brand skinnies ($125).    

This necklace completed the look and for only 99cents from VV Boutique!

I am calling this my "happy being a mother for seven years" gift to myself (it's my son's birthday today - sniff!).  I'm sure I could spin a great cost-per-wear analysis out of that one, but I really don't need to.  These Frye boots are an awesome deal all on their own.   
One last look before I say goodnight...
Did I mention how many compliments I received today?!!!  A lot.
Back away from the boots!!
And if I or anyone I know EVER sees Frye boots at VV Boutique in any size, get them.  Trust me.

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  1. Hi there, I just got lucky today and purchased the same banana frye boots for $10 at a thrift store,barely worn!was looking up on how to wear them with style and saw your post.Exactly like you I discovered thrift shopping when I lost my job and thereafter loved the treasures I found at the fraction of the price. My wardrobe is filled with YSL , courreges, claude montana etc..... I love love thrift shopping


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