Wednesday 22 August 2012

VV Boutique Shopping Spree

The mood around here these days is ... suspended.  Things are almost settled, routines are almost here, summer is almost over.  So, a little shopping therapy was in order tonight.  Sure enough, I feel much better after a successful session where I almost spent $100 - but not quite!

 Nicole and Chambray outside VV Boutique with the bounty!

I scored some lace!  I found animal print and something for draping!  I've been stalking some floral at StyleMint and found a great alternative!!  I found a Banana Republic red-dot woven shirt with the tags still on!  Here is a breakdown of my awesome finds:
  • one dress shirt for my hubby
  • five tops for moi
  • four unique and awesome belts
  • TWO pairs of fabulous leather heels
  • one Matt & Nat bag
  • last but not least, a hockey tie for my youngest son (shhhh, we will tuck that away for a gift later!)
These shoes were smokin' hot but not very comfortable!

The grand total: $98 CDN!!!!! 

AND, I must mention for a special someone out there that every single item I bought looks fantastic with my yellow pants!  They are incredibly versatile and am I ever glad I got them before starting this whole adventure because I doubt I will see any coloured jeans at VV Boutique anytime soon, especially once ladies realize what I know: yellow pants rock.  Hold onto them, ladies, and wear them with everything!

I am so excited to get dressed tomorrow and start showing off my finds!  I am even excited to go back to work soon.  Stay tuned and see if you are as impressed as I am with VV Boutique!

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