Wednesday 15 August 2012

The A of ABC

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary.  13 years of marriage - I'm pretty proud.  (even though that makes me old enough to be the mother of other style bloggers!)  We received a gift card for ... wait for it ... it's very romantic ... Tony Romas ... and hence that was our anniversary date destination.  (not at all romantic but beggars can't be choosers)  Still, I was determined to dress for my husband and remind him at least a little of what made his heart beat so long ago.  This is what I settled on:

VV Boutique Purple plaid button-down $6
Oxmo black tank $40, J Brand denim $115
Gap belt circa 2000, black patent heels circa 1994, Accessorize bag circa 2006
VV Boutique coat was a gift, necklace as bracelet was also a gift

Now, you may not think a plaid button-down shirt is very sexy but to my husband, it's the next best thing to naked.  His parents happened to be at our home when we left and even gave me the ultimate farmer compliment: "you clean up pretty good."

I realize this is not a revolutionary look, but the jeans are hot and I thought the belt and bracelet were nice touches that made my inexpensive VV Boutique shirt a little more stylish. 

Did I mention it was pouring rain?  Ahhhh, just like my wedding day!

In this learning curve of photographing ensembles, I did not capture a great shot of this coat, so let me tell you about it.  It has navy and white small checks, ruching on the sleeves, and cute details like ties and angled pockets.  It is nice and long with both a zip and easy-to-close snaps (sound awful, but they are cool), is water resistant, and has a draw string to adjust the look.  My big sis got this for me last spring from VV Boutique and was one of the first hints of the awesomeness available. 

All in all, the evening was great and my husband told me about a million times how beautiful I looked.  Thanks VV Boutique for the shirt I never knew I needed for my anniversary date!

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