Friday 24 August 2012

VV Boutique-ANTM Mash-Up

I have a confession to make...  Despite being a 38-year-old mother of three, professional woman who loves good literature, I also love watching America's Next Top Model!  I have watched almost every cycle, from the very beginning (remember Adrienne and the serious one) to the high-gloss conglomerate it is today...  It is a guilty indulgence!  I set the PVR (for ANTM and Vampire Diaries, okay, two guilty indulgences), pour myself some wine and have some me-time.  I know I am not alone!  Put your hand up if you watched the premiere of Cycle 19 "The College Edition" tonight!  Can we say O.M.S.?!!  (Oh My Smize... ... ... ... Okay, I admit would wear the t-shirt.)

I set out to watch the premiere and find a look to emulate from my new VV Boutique stashToo bad I didn't think to pick up a string bikini bottom and ripped university tee because I would sure be sportin' that!  I did however note the trend, the 'model uniform' perhaps, of shorts and heels...  So here is my version, just a smidge different from the ANTM contestants:

Blouse $3 VV Boutique, Belt $4 VV Boutique
Shorts from Winners circa 2006
Vintage Iridescent Pearl necklace as bracelet

Let's talk about the blouse!  It has the pretty lace detail at the shoulders and ties.  It can be worn tucked or not, belted high or low...

Here it is, tucked.
 Belt low slung, crap self-photography.
 Tucked close-up... my self-photography improves with wine.

This is one outfit, same blouse, three ways.  Right there is a cost-per-wear of $1!!!!!  Amazing!  Those are my only work-appropriate shorts so that is why they made the mix.  I wanted to try the ensemble with another casual and shorter pair of shorts...

Shorts Old Navy circa 2004
I think it looks pretty good! 
I don't know how to best describe the belt.  It is like stretchy wickery awesomeness in perfect shape, just ready to adorn many outfits!  Perfect for the lazy last days of summer and early warm days of fall! 

Now let's talk about the rainbow shoes!
They are leather and are in great shape!  I would consider them "statement shoes" for moi, with a low-enough heel for a typical day.
And how much for this find??

So there you go.  VV Boutique - ANTM mash-up completed!

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