Friday 31 August 2012

News Flash

Something happened today that hasn't happened in three or so years...

I bought bras.  

Three years...  I know, there are women out there that are aghast right now.  I am too.  I honestly don't know how it happened, but reflecting back, I think I was just too busy with my third baby nursing all the time that I didn't even buy a new nursing bra!  (She's 2 now.)  Then I was so happy to fit into my old bras that I was content...  Until I was shamed out of my contentment looking at my sad bosoms (they deserve that term) in the posts till now.  So, tonight I seized my moment and hit Victoria Secret, got measured (36D - wha???!!) and boom.  Four new bras in 20 minutes , including a push-up; even though I told the tiny clerk I didn't need any help in that department, it turns out my 'bosoms' became 'girls' with a little assistance.  I think the photography is going to improve from here on out.

They do sell bras at VV Boutique but that crosses a line in my books.  Also, after some quick math, I realized the long-overdue new bras would have cost me 25 cents a day had I bought them three years ago, so the exception was warranted!

Unfortunately, I did not have my new bras for today's VV Boutique photo shoot, but that's okay (I tell myself) because it is a drapey easy-to-wear top that I absolutely needed for this insane day:

Cleo top $7 VV Boutique, Gap denim skirt circa 2004
bracelet gift from my sis ages ago

I love this top.  The colours are so pretty and will work with many pieces in my closet!  The fabric is light, not wrinkly and washes well.  I would have paired it with the cobalt belt I wore the other day, but I didn't want to be featured in the "she really loves her ____!" tabloids... Can't have my fame peak too early.  The hemline is elastic and though it sounds hideous, it reminds me of this look:

miranda kerr photo 
Miranda Kerr featured on

I actually planned on the inaugural wear of my Cleo blouse to be paired with my fab J Brand jeans so I could look exactly like Miranda, but today was supposed to be hot.  Cleo and J will date soon, I promise!

I paired my George (please say in a French accent) yellow wedge t-straps with the ensemble.  Please appreciate my attempt at interesting posing (you're welcome for editing out the ones where I inadvertently flashed the camera.)  (It's harder than it looks and I have even more respect for Tyra and her gals.)

I have been up and moving non-stop since 6:30am.  Haircuts, babysitting, play dates, errands, more babysitting, more play dates, laundry, packing for the long weekend, more laundry, cooking, dinner guests, bra shopping, therapy, dishes, emails and I return back to work tomorrow morning bright and early.  I didn't have time to stop or fuss with my clothes.

And here I am midnight, Cleo still looking fresh and warmed up with an olive cardi. 

I felt like a movie star at Beaner's next to the other moms in their drab capri yoga pants and 'sports' wear tops, and I am willing to bet that I was just as comfortable AND that my ensemble cost a whole lot less than theirs.

Take that Yoga-Pant moms.

VV Boutique vs. Yoga Moms... Naw, it's not a competition (and besides, I would win)

Happy long weekend!  

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