Tuesday 28 October 2014

Black & White With a Pop of Colour

Yep, black & white with a pop of colour was the Monday Style Prompt... yesterday.  But since I ventured out only to fulfill my motherly duties and spent the rest of the day sick in bed, I waited until Tuesday to break out the inspiration piece for this prompt - the houndstooth top that I scored at the St. Albert VV Sneak Peek.
Houndstooth top $8 VV Boutique

There is something classic about black and white, and adding a pop of colour makes for easy dressing which is exactly what I'm looking for on a Monday - or Tuesday - morning!  Now, I originally planned to pair this with a black skirt and tights but lingering Cough required me to select something with pockets to hold my tissue and lozenges, etc. 
Black trousers $3.50 , red shell $4.20 VV Boutique

These trousers are not my fave but I just can't seem to find "the perfect" pair of black work pants.  I will keep looking, even if it means going thrifting every week.  I'm *so* dedicated.  
Miz Mooz shoes gifted but thrifted
Accessories from my closet AND VV Boutique!

The nice thing about black & white is that ANY colour will work for your pop!  I chose red for no particular reason except that my "new" thrifted wool-cashmere coat put me in the mood for red.
The 3-button cardi requires something underneath!

I snatched up this top because houndstooth is right on trend and the style is kinda "mod" which is also a fall trend.  It is notable that this top is labeled as a Cleo petite; I am NOT a petite in any way but it just goes to show you that you must try on when thrifting.  You might be pleasantly surprised like I was with this piece!
Swing coat-ish, ponte knit, houndtooth perfection!

How about you?  Did you embrace the Monday Style Prompt this week?!  If I've demonstrated anything so far, it's that you can actually wear the Monday Style Prompt any old day or every day of the week!  Tomorrow, I will be wearing black and silver with a pop of SNAKES!  Tune into Instagram to see a Halloween spin on this prompt!   For those of you who tagged me on Instagram or Twitter, thanks for playing along!!  

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  1. Love the top. I bought a similar one the day I bumped into you at VV! :)


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