Tuesday 2 September 2014

Hot (Pink) Pants/Always Late

There's no more RTWD (Return to Work Denial).  The long weekend is over, September is here, the kids started school and it will be a full-on gallop from now till Christmas.  In preparation for this period of life, I came across the perfect tee from a local Edmonton boutique, the Red Ribbon Boutique.  Not only is it the perfect tee for me, it is the perfect tee for a couple of my favourite people and, collectively, we decided to wear them for the very first day of school drop-offs to set the bar...
We may be always late, but we always arrive pretty.

Last night, I carefully selected a lovely outfit to compliment my new favourite tee complete with skirt and blazer... alas, it was raining and cold when I woke up so I had a last minute change of plans and wore my recently-thrifted hot pink Banana Republic crops...
BR pants $5, Zara blazer $4, belt $4, booties $13
All VV Boutique
I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear this blazer.  
Little did I know the blazer was patiently waiting for hot pink pants to join the closet.

It's not that I have anything against moms in hoodies and runners, I just don't want to be one, especially at a new school.  Nope, I went for the anti-hoodies/runners look and wore hot pink pants and ankle booties.
I can pretend to be all bad-ass, but these like-new-condition booties are sensible Indigo by Clarks.
And yep, I'm going for the loose ankle crop pant and ankle bootie look because NO RUNNERS.
Ironically, I was on time for everything today.
Eh hem, except my meeting at work.

I love this tee.  I love supporting local.  If Red Ribbon Boutique ever carries an "Always prompt or early" tee, I have another favourite person that was made for it.  I think that's a customer base of one though, so I won't hold my breath.  
I will try to do better this year, I really will.  
But just in case, consider yourself warned, World.

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  1. Seriously love this top! I think I've already worn it 4 times in less than 2 weeks! ;)


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