Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fashion's Night Out Fun

Last night was the Third Annual VV Boutique Styled Fashion's Night Out!  Sure, there were major parties happening for Fashion's Night Out internationally, but I bet our party could rival any others for FUN and shopping JOY!  How could you not be joyful with scores like these...
Mint condition Miz Mooz, my favourite shoes, for $9.80?!!! Ah-mazing.
Purple leather Browns boots for $7?!!!!  Had to get them, fresh out of purple leather boots.
Banana Republic perfect condition wool coat-blazer for $13.30...
fits the bright-trend for Fall and will actually keep me warm.
Elizabeth scored leather Kenneth Cole's.
Shannon scored two pairs of these $400 reg retail shoes for $7 -30%!
Leopard print in GREY?!!!
Vintage teal and cobalt sweater for $4.90 HAD to come home with me because it matched my skirt.

How could you not be joyful with friends like these...
Amanda: mother, daughter, Sister Thrifters supporter, former wrestler and football player 
(on a men's let's just say I didn't challenge her for any pieces)
Elizabeth: petite TV fashion star! Mom, cloth-diaperer, downtown-career-woman, baker and budgeter!
Two of my thrifting gang outside the fitting rooms where we took over, naturally!

There were many other friends there and between us, we found a ton of great pieces and 3 lucky ladies took a $20 gift certificate to the till, courtesy of Value Village!
My fave fitting room attendant, Dale, did the honours of drawing names!
Whilst I apparently forgot I am capable of standing up straight.

We gathered for drinks and snacks after and the traditional cost-per-piece tabulation.  The grand prize winner for the second year running was ...
She now gets custody of the incredibly valuable "Thrifting Champ" trophy till the next show-down.
You're welcome for contributing to the decor in your new home.

My phone died just then, but since Chantel already has a Raspberry Flatter:Me Belt, the second place winner, Shirin, took home this limited-edition belt.  So, Shirin, you're now part of the Raspberry Belt Club along with me and Chantel. 
Susan won a consolation prize for Most Pieces Purchased and 
Elizabeth won the bronze bar (i.e., chocolate) for third place cost-per-piece by one cent!

It was an awesome evening and I can't wait to wear all my thrifted treasures!!  Thank you Value Village for donating the gift certificates! 
VV Boutique, have I told you lately that I love you?!

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