Wednesday 24 September 2014

Fashion's Night Out Fun

Last night was the Third Annual VV Boutique Styled Fashion's Night Out!  Sure, there were major parties happening for Fashion's Night Out internationally, but I bet our party could rival any others for FUN and shopping JOY!  How could you not be joyful with scores like these...
Mint condition Miz Mooz, my favourite shoes, for $9.80?!!! Ah-mazing.
Purple leather Browns boots for $7?!!!!  Had to get them, fresh out of purple leather boots.
Banana Republic perfect condition wool coat-blazer for $13.30...
fits the bright-trend for Fall and will actually keep me warm.
Elizabeth scored leather Kenneth Cole's.
Shannon scored two pairs of these $400 reg retail shoes for $7 -30%!
Leopard print in GREY?!!!
Vintage teal and cobalt sweater for $4.90 HAD to come home with me because it matched my skirt.

How could you not be joyful with friends like these...
Amanda: mother, daughter, Sister Thrifters supporter, former wrestler and football player 
(on a men's let's just say I didn't challenge her for any pieces)
Elizabeth: petite TV fashion star! Mom, cloth-diaperer, downtown-career-woman, baker and budgeter!
Two of my thrifting gang outside the fitting rooms where we took over, naturally!

There were many other friends there and between us, we found a ton of great pieces and 3 lucky ladies took a $20 gift certificate to the till, courtesy of Value Village!
My fave fitting room attendant, Dale, did the honours of drawing names!
Whilst I apparently forgot I am capable of standing up straight.

We gathered for drinks and snacks after and the traditional cost-per-piece tabulation.  The grand prize winner for the second year running was ...
She now gets custody of the incredibly valuable "Thrifting Champ" trophy till the next show-down.
You're welcome for contributing to the decor in your new home.

My phone died just then, but since Chantel already has a Raspberry Flatter:Me Belt, the second place winner, Shirin, took home this limited-edition belt.  So, Shirin, you're now part of the Raspberry Belt Club along with me and Chantel. 
Susan won a consolation prize for Most Pieces Purchased and 
Elizabeth won the bronze bar (i.e., chocolate) for third place cost-per-piece by one cent!

It was an awesome evening and I can't wait to wear all my thrifted treasures!!  Thank you Value Village for donating the gift certificates! 
VV Boutique, have I told you lately that I love you?!

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