Friday 12 September 2014

Fall Transition Tricks

I did not anticipate that I would be seriously reading up on Fall transition advice before it's officially Fall.  Alas, this is Alberta and until my imaginary independent wealth kicks in, I must make the best of my circumstances.  You already know I'm embracing the marginally-Fall-like strategy of swapping ankle boots for sandals and pairing them with skirts and dresses; with or without socks, this is supposed to make your outfit Fall-ish as is "adding a coat."  I'm thinking that's a no-brainer, Fashion Magazines.  Since I refuse to be forced into pants against my will by Cold Weather, I embraced another Fall Transition Trick today: wearing a chunky knit sweater with a skirt.
Tulle and metallic skirt $7, sweater $5VV Boutique
Sequins flats gifted but thrifted

I was wondering if tulle skirts are still a thing but keep seeing tweets about pleated metallic skirts, so I figured this one would pass the style test one way or another...

It is surprisingly easy to wear, though Velcro in the preschool classroom is my tulle nemesis!

I quickly fell in love with this sweater after putting it on...
The colour reminds me of caramel sauce, which is a WIN in my books.

I'm still playing with how to accessorize this look.  I tried a pendant and some other necklaces but they seemed to compete with the details on the sweater...
I ended up going with a delicate necklace and She Does Create earrings I wore to the Yeggies, and a bracelet from my closet.
I think it works.

You should know, unless you're a size -2 model, this isn't going to be your slimmest look, but it is cozy and has a cool vibe IMHO.
I'm putting my hands on my waist so you know it exists.
Don't you wanna hug me in this sweater?!

This outfit gave me the perfect opportunity to wear my "vegan" bomber jacket...
Jacket $5.60 from VV Boutique

I think this Fall transition trick will be easy to apply to other pieces in my wardrobe and extend the wearing season of my other thirty-one skirts.
What do YOU think?  
Would you wear a chunky sweater with a skirt?


  1. I just adore that skirt. I think it looks so pretty & feminine. I like the sweater look with it too - I need to try that out soon! I was soooo cold today!!! It says it's going to warm up again, right?!?!


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