Wednesday 16 July 2014

Wicked Thrifting

Miracles occurred yesterday.  Mr. Style and I went out together (first miracle) for dinner and Wicked with some friends and we were all on time (second miracle) and our babysitter played chess, did crystal-making experiments, solved a Rubik's Cube for my kids, and cleaned up THE WHOLE HOUSE (miracle miracle miracle HALLELUJAH!!).  It was hard to say goodbye.

All in all it was a fantastic evening, made all the better by one of the fantastic dresses I scored for $3 from the Community Closet in Livingston while hanging out* with John Mayer.  *I passed him on the street afterwards.  I think it meant as much to him as it did to me.
A litte pre-date wine never hurt anyone.

This dress is pink and orange - a fave colour combo of mine - and 100% silk!  It was perfect for a hot evening and was loose and long enough that I didn't feel like I was trying to look 39.
And it has POCKETS!
And I just so happen to have a great necklace in my closet to coordinate.
My $8 patent pink peep-toes were a perfect match too!

Going out is fun.  Going out is more affordable when your outfit costs only $11.  It all averages out!  If this outfit doesn't make you want to thrift, I don't know what will! And if you do want to thrift, stay tuned as I will post a timeline that I'll be roughly following for this Saturday's Value Village Edmonton Shop Hop!  I would love to have you join me!
Because when dresses are $3, you *need* seventeen more.


  1. i love this dress!
    i was just saying to my #yyc sissy that i need to find dresses with pockets....
    now that i am an official dress wearer - thanks to you!
    hope to see you on saturday

    1. Thanks so much Su!! I have a few dresses with pockets now - all thrifted of course - and they are awesome!! You can eat more, they're comfortable, they're easy to style - I could go on!!

  2. Nice dress.You look so pretty❤❤❤



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