Saturday 19 July 2014

Edmonton Shop Hop

I am pretty sure this will be a day of running behind my proposed Shop Hop itinerary!  I'm still hunting for a tee that says "I'll be late."  Meanwhile, I had a great first stop at the Sherwood Park Value Village.
Two of my friends met up with me...
Julie almost bought this handmade hooded vintage dress (?) but alas too big! Lol!
Joyce is beating me! She had already been to the South side location...
Where she and her daughter both scored Toms!

As for me, well...
My name is Nicole and I have a skirt issue. 
I love you vintage midi with pockets but I already have that niche filled!
However I don't have green suede shoes!!
Love these and look what they go with perfectly!
Nordstrom's brand dress...
And I found another dress with pockets!!
And stripes!! I heart stripes!

I had fun dressing Julie in small dresses...
Top Shop!!
Jessica Simpson!!

Okay, I'm off to the North East location!! Stay tuned!!
Nice to meet you Fort Road VV!  
My name is Nicole and I have dress issues!!
I didn't get this vintage dress but that doesn't stop me from loving it!
This dress was $22 for a good reason...
Still a great deal but not something that meets my wardrobe needs.
However, I *needed* this dress!  Look at those colours!  Look at the pattern!!
$7 floral jeggings? Yes please especially because...
And my last score was another pair of like-new-condition leather shoes...
GRAY El Naturalista with a green jewel on top!! Pretty sure they were destined for moi!  

Now I'm sitting in front of the downtown location ready to go in!! What will I find here?!!

Let's catch up!  Stops #3 (downtown) and #4 (Mayfield Common) were relatively quick, not because I couldn't find anything but because I wanted to leave plenty of time to chat with Alex from the Edmonton Journal at stop #5!! Downtown, I got a FABULOUS dress for the Sister Thrifters Backyard Boutique Sale on Tuesday!! It's for the boutique sale because it didn't fit me. Boo. At Mayfield Common, I scored some leather gladiator style sandals...
Then it was onto Whyte Ave which was hopping!! My friend Lisa joined me and found several comfy summer staples.
Leggings, hoodies, shorts and a striped dress that can be layered up for some pattern mixing!  

My other pals Colleen, Susan and Heidi joined us too and we all scored great pieces!  Here are my finds...
Such a pretty dress!!
Oh look!  Another pretty black dress, *totally* different!!  
I said on Twitter that it was a dilemma, but really I just bought them both!  For 25% off, 5th store!!!
My name is Nicole and I have issues with trying on dresses that are too short.
I did find a stiped skirt!!!!! 
It was too big... Sigh
And the silver ballet flats ended up having a couple flaws so I left them behind.  Sigh.

However I had a lovely chat with Alex and even found her a navy J Crew dress!
I can't help it, I match thrifted pieces with the right woman!!

I also saw Joyce again!  She and her family filled their whole Shop Hop passport and outfitted a family of 6!!!  Thanks Joyce for showing so much thrift love!!

I'm at my last stop, 34th Ave, then it's margarita time!!
 RW tee with cobalt, navy and mustard!
 Black sheer tee and pretty floral skirt WITH POCKETS so I definitely need it.
Everly skirt with tomatoes, because it's important to have lots of lycopene.
I liked this maxi dress but it was just a bit too long.
Another location, another dress that is too short.
Joelle from Clothes But Not Quite joined up for the last stop and found this dress in a beautiful blue!
Perfect shirt for Joelle!
 Colleen and I both loved this dress but neither of us is 39 anymore.

The last stop was fruitful and landed me a full passport!!
And a good reason to shop again before the end of the month!
A great day of thrifting is a great thing to celebrate!


  1. Thanks so much for the fun evening. And a HUGE thanks for finding that blue, lace dress that I could take off your hands. So great to have some drinks with the gals. HUGS!

    1. Thanks for coming out! It was great fun!! (and I was *mostly* kidding about being jealous how amazing you look 1-month post partum!!)


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