Monday 2 December 2013


That was a nice day of rest... time for a new project!  Allow me to introduce Dressember!  I first heard about Dressember from Calgary blogger "Our Unschooling Unjobbing Life."  It appeals to me because dresses.  Also because I enjoy a good challenge like dresses in winter.  Also because I decided a while ago that tights are along the lines of socks and underwear (within my "rules" to buy new or from VV) therefore I look forward to a winter with more than one pair of tights.

I'm not going to be all militant about Dressember - dresses or skirts both count, and I am not committing to wearing them every single day but I am committing to reaching for a dress or skirt first throughout the month of December.  I write this as a blizzard that would have had ma and pa tying a rope to the barn rages outside; I may necessarily put the dress back and reach for pants some days but we shall see!  To kick off this project, I wore both a dress and pants...
 Banana Republic silk dress $8.50, Gray gap pants $5 VV Boutique
Esprit cardi $2.50 Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe
Miz Mooz boots from my closet

I have this to say about wearing pants with a dress: it's not as easy as you think.  Without boots, this outfit looked Frumpy.  It really was capital F bad.  I did not know this until my 3yo photographer had snapped some shots and I realized how wrong it was.  I didn't have time to revamp the ensemble so luckily boots made it doable.  
 Anyhoo, I hoped my work peeps would be too busy admiring my pattern mixing to notice the bottom half of my outfit. 

So what do you say?!  Anyone want to join me for Dressember?!  I challenge you to wear dresses as much as possible this month in order to... to... to justify buying more dresses prove that Canadian girls are tough cookies!
 One Tough Cookie in a December dress.

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