Tuesday 10 December 2013

Dressember Don't

When Tyra recommends to her hungry girls to move around while they're modeling, I think she has something subtler in mind than what I have to do when there's a three-year-old behind the camera.  Basically, my girl points and I jump into range!  Makes for fun times of Mommy trying not to look cross when the shutter clicks.  It's a beneficial process though because every once in a while, the photos show me that my outfit isn't quite right, while there's still time to do something about it.  This happened Monday - my first Dressember Don't(er, at least, as far as I know...)

Attempt No. 1
Skirt $4.90, leggings $4.90, Clarks she-booties $10 all VV Boutique
Long sleeve tee from my closet and crochet top gifted

Not every skirt transitions to winter but I really want to at least attempt most if not all of my skirts and dresses this month!  I love this skirt anyways - such pretty colours and a non-floral pattern...
 After seeing the amazingly well-dressed ladies at my Bible study wearing socks peeking out of boots, I decided I could do the same.
 I'm smiling but I know something isn't quite right with this ensemble.

As soon as I saw the pics, I knew it was just too much.  The texture, the colours, the layers.  It's not that it's ALL wrong, it just didn't suit my mood that day.  So, much as I hated to ask the photographer anything to do more shots, I quickly went to adjust my outfit.
 The camel sweater from my closet instantly felt more comfortable.
 Maybe it was the solid colour, or less of the blue tee showing; whatever it was, it was better.
 Adjusting my pieces allowed me to reach for my gorgeous new scarf!

In conclusion, it never hurts to snap a photo before you leave the house!  What do you think?  Which look do YOU prefer?! 


  1. ha - unlike randall ^ who wants to sell you a whole NEW outfit......
    i LOVE #2 as well...i think the caramel?? of the skirt is pulled out - lovely
    welcome back
    missed you and your photogragher's great work
    happy dressy december to you all!
    su :)

  2. er...had to admit, my first thought was...hmmmmm....not sure about that one...but i was willing to take another look and feel it out but then i read & yay! You didn't like it either;) we are so in sinc. So, do like the 2nd with the scarf, just got better and better! btw got a comment while in Vic Secret buying an awesome bra, that someone loved my outfit, and that it looked totally JCrew - love compliments like that;) It was an outfit that i did a selfie of and got approval from u! you've got good taste girl! - mmm


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