Sunday 1 December 2013

Au Revoir November

Sighhhhhhh.  Was that the longest month ever or what?  It was great and everything but it seemed to take for-ev-er.  For the last 8 days I have been sick, solo parenting sick kids, working long hours and preparing a special surprise for my hubby's return (I'll share that another day...).  So Friday night I threw in the towel.  I looked Whole 30 in the eye and said, "Here's to you" then downed half a crock pot of delicious mulled boozy tea while letting my kids stay up way too late so I could enjoy my book club.  You could say I was persuaded
2 Christmas mugs =  half a crock pot

I think my body is getting used to Whole 30The first time, I noticed a big difference.  The second time, the benefits were not as quick or obvious but I also worked out so in the end that made a difference.  This time, I had one real objective: to deal with #afraidofpants.  I'm happy to report that my pants do fit again but the difference isn't as amazing and I am a little miffed that I spent at least ten days with a bad cold and Whole 30 didn't seem to do much for it except keep me from my Raspberry Cordial Vodka cure.  

I sorta threw in the towel for Take One and Pass It On too.  I continued to pass a piece every day for the whole month, but for the last three days I just wore the pants that were out.
Pass the plaid, pass the pants, pass the pants.

My husband returned from London (as in England) last night and lucky for him thoughtfully brought us all back some treats.  For me, a Scottish cashmere scarf!  I couldn't wait to wear it so today I paired it with my litmus jeans and decided to wear all my luxe fabric at once... 
Wilfred silk cashmere cardi $5 VV Boutique
 Icebreaker Merino wool gray tee from my closet
Leather Clarks she-booties
Purple Cashmere Argyle, welcome to my wardrobe.
I guess the jeans fit so Whole 30 worked some magic after all.

This cardi is a good example of why thrifting is awesome!  Wilfred is an Aritzia brand ($$$) and though this cardi had a small stain on the sleeve, I easily removed it with Sunlight bar soap and a delicate wash.  The cardi is also an XS which makes me laugh laugh laugh!  I can only think that though my scrawny limbs make crop pants a Sponge-Bob-Square-Pants-peg-leg-problem, they make XS Aritzia doable.   
Works for this long loose style anyway!

Now that December is here, parties and Christmas preparations are upon me!  I've replenished my wine supply and am ready to hit the red cups at Starbucks!  I'm heading out right now to the first party of the season and I'm taking chocolate with me.  Au revoir November, et bonjour December!
 No cashmere was harmed during the making of this Nutella brownie cake.

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