Tuesday 11 September 2012

Tuesday Blues

I'm not really blue today but it is cold and windy and I had to buckle my Mini Fussypants into her car seat SIX times and even marshmallows didn't ease that process.  (I DO IT MYSELF)  I knew it was going to be a busy day so I reached for my new favourite pants, purchased on Fashion's Night Out - Gap cobalt chinos.

I was inspired as usual by Ain't No Mom Jeans recent post featuring raspberry chinos.  Of course I immediately wanted raspberry chinos but since VV Boutique didn't have any in my size (!), I considered the cobalt ones for $6 a score!  Soft, slouchy comfy love.     

 Gap cobalt chinos $6 VV Boutique
Floral top $7 VV Boutique
Part Two Belt from C'est Cera $67, Miz Mooz gray pumps circa 2007
Crap self-photography brought to you by an evening of solo-parenting. 

In particular, in the ANMJ post, I loved M's two looks with rolled cuffs.  (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to copy a pic here, so will err on the side of caution but the post is awesome so head over and look!)  I shamelessly copied her awesome style by rolling the cuffs, tucking in my top, and wearing cool shoes.   

Yep, I wore them to pick up the kids, play in the playground, run errands.  I am so done with "saving" special items for special days.  I look around at the other moms and I note that a little effort goes a long way.  Inevitably, my eye is drawn to the women who, firstly, have a friendly cheerful disposition (the start of chic!) and secondly, have updated the momiform in some way.  They may be wearing 'typical jeans', but they fit well and are worn stylish.  They may have a bright bold lip!  They may have a cool coat, bag, belt or other accessory.  My awesome friend and the best child care provider in North America wore an amazing statement necklace just the other ordinary day!   

Two things shut me down: hoodies and runners.  There are lots of cute flats, TOMS and sneakers or other "orthopedic" stylin brands like NAOT and Dansko.  There is no reason to wear runners unless you JUST came from the gym.  Even then, I would change.  And sure, hoodies can be cute and cozy and I have a special friend that loves her lululemon - she looks chic and it's her thang.  But is it everyone's?  I say, no.  After one month of kindergarten drop-offs for my oldest, I resigned my hoodies strictly for home, jammies and camping.  I know I might seem judgy so I offer this disclaimer: I don't actually care what other people wear!!  (falls outside of my boundaries!)  Do what makes your heart sing!  And by all means, take style and translate it to what works for YOU and your body with things that you have in your closet or new pieces that you love!  I'm just encouraging you to add a little something-something - you will be surprised how good it makes you feel!  If you love hoodies, style them up with a nice scarf or necklace!  Cuff those jeans, put on some lipstick!  A little effort goes a long way!      

I loved this Stylelist post featuring celebrity moms doing the school drop-off and pick-up.  See yourself in any of those?  I think I'll aim for the Sandra Bullock, Alyson Hannigan, or Claudia Schiffer looks!  We are practically 100% exactly the same anyway.

Back to the cobalt chinos... I will refrain from taking a photo every time I wear them.  Maybe.  I am so impressed that VV Boutique came through for me with an on-trend item so soon after I realized I needed some!        

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  1. Nicole- thanks for your lovely note on my blog. You have truly made my day (in fact weekend) with your kind words!
    Congrats on starting your own blog! It is so much fun- and really helps me think about what I am wearing every day. It's also made me a smarter shopper- because I realize I only wear about 1/3 of what is in my closet!

    I love these bright blue pants you are rocking! Very cool- and I love that W Boutique is Value Village- hilarious! I have found some great treasures there- you just have to be patient and know what you're looking for.

    Thanks again for taking the time to write to me- and I'll definitely be back to check out your new blog!


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