Sunday 23 September 2012

Having it All in Fall

These beautiful fall days are a lovely transition into cooler weather but can be a bit tricky to dress.  When I leave in the morning, it is chilly and by the afternoon, I'm ready for shorts and a tank top.  Yet my cozy pieces are calling to me...  So today I thought I would try to have it all.  My light and airy lace tie top, a casual but cool denim skirt and my favourite mustard grandpa sweater that I bought last fall.
Lace tie top $3 VV Boutique
Gap denim skirt circa 2004
O'Neill grandpa sweater $70ish C'est Sera
Accessorize ballet flats circa 2007

I know, I know.  Grandpa sweaters are not "chic" but don't you just want to snuggle when you see it?  Or curl up with a good book and a hot cup of coffee?  
Besides, I've been carrying around this photo from Tres Awesome as inspiration and just waiting for the right day...
Thank you Tres Awesome for the inspiration!  I've also been wanting to wear this fuchsia belt for a while.  I've embraced gold as a viable accessories option (having been staunchly silver oriented for years) and liked how the gold, the jewel colours, the denim, the sweater all have a fall vibe.
 Fuchsia belt $4 VV Boutique
Bracelets from my closet
 My photographer is getting crazy and wanted the ties out for variety.
It was so warm in the sun!
Just me being all casual holding my sweater like I always do.
Last but not least, my beautiful late blooming sunflowers on this sunny Sunday afternoon!
 Originally photographed coming straight out of my head.  Sigh.  
We're working on our mad modelling/photography skills.

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