Sunday 16 September 2012

My Head was Too Big for This Top

The alternate title for this post would be: "My Boobs were Too Big for this Top"  But I was afraid of being found on search engines by the term "boobs."  I don't even know if that would happen, but just in case...

This is the other top I bought way back when I purchased my beloved chambray.  I didn't try it on but it was so unique and in great shape, so it had to come home with me.
$5 VV Boutique
Those little leaves are raised!

Now, back when I started this endeavour, I decided that I wouldn't be prone to pesky things like alterations or dry-cleaning.  Too much of that and the pieces are not the bargains I'm after.  However, I did succumb and get the neckline extended on this (alterations $13) so I could get it over my head and at least give it a chance!  I think it worked out! 
What doesn't look good with J Brand denim?

I've been doing the Whole30 thang so it's a little less snug in the chest (my bras still fit and they help with the fit of this top!) but it is a tunic style so meant flow away from the girls on down.  It is sheer with a built-in shell, and I added a blue tank underneath for another layer.  Then, it was chilly and I was neglecting the Rule of 3, so I added pretty earrings...
 Gift from my sis...
And of course a scarf...   
Handmedown from the same sis!
 Rule of 3 fulfilled!

I slipped into my neutral platform wedge Skechers loafers...
 and enjoyed a surprisingly comfortable outfit on a surprisingly relaxing day.  
If I saw this top at Winners for $18, I would buy it for the pretty colours, unique pattern and texture.  I love that VV Boutique offers brand name and designer finds, as well as these no-name vintage pieces in great shape.  I am willing to bet no one else has this top, and it sure is nice to feel like one-of-a-kind!

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