Saturday 15 November 2014

What the Heck is a Blanket Scarf?

In the good ol' days, scarves were for outdoors and blankets were for indoors and ne'er the twain shall meet...until 2014.  Now, bloggers and stores and mags are all abuzz about the "blanket scarf."  I admit, I'm reluctant.  I get too hot at work to wear a big scarf all day, so if I'm counting on my scarf to make my outfit, I tend to choose a lighter scarfBut, I am a fashion blogger and I am not immune to all the cozy blanket scarf selfies of contentment.  So, I consulted my Style Advisor (Pinterest) then turned to my closet to see if I might have a small blanket to wear...  Lo and behold, I remembered the Burberry plaid-print scarf I bought in 1998 and have barely worn since then because it is as big as a blanket!
If you are 16 years old, you're the same age as this scarf.

Your moment is here Scarf, take the stage:
This scarf makes your standard infinity scarf seem downright flimsy.
Photographed with my JBrand denim, plus $6.30 turtleneck and $7 Chie Mahara booties from VV Boutique

That discovery got me thinking about another scarf that I actually used as a blanket all last winter... My favourite Megan made it for me with love (I added that last part) and I found it the perfect piece to drape across my shoulders at home or the office for an extra bit of cozy.  So, turns out I have TWO blanket scarves!  Woot woot!
Megan was way ahead of the trend when she crocheted this bad boy last winter,
in a great colour I might add!

As far as I can tell, a blanket scarf is just a big scarfTends to be plaid but who's going to argue when you're sporting the most stylish trend of the season?  Then I got to thinking some more that I also have a couple very large solid-coloured scarves previously known as pashminas.  Well, I'm going to go ahead and rename them blanket scarves just so that I can say I have 4 blanket scarves!
I didn't get a shot of this one laid out, but it's even larger than the Burberry.
Consigned from Stasia in Saskatoon for $8
$3.50 from VV Boutique

Blanket scarves are easier to work with than you might imagine.  Just don't over think it!  Throw it on and go forth with attitude!  In case you didn't notice my lack of creativity, I just did the standard scarf-wrap with all four above, but Pinterest has plenty of styling tips.  If you need some inspiration, try some of these blanket scarf styling ideas:

1. Pair with solids, chambray or stripes...
Remember: stripes are the default for any kind of pattern-mixing!

2. Drape it, belt it or add a brooch...
Belt $3.50 VV Boutique and the brooch was a gift from a friend but brooches are a great item to thrift!

3. Finish your look - some makeup touches, sunnies or a nice bag will ensure you look like you're wearing clothes and are not just wrapped up in a blanket!
 scarf tricks / wit & delight Big scarves are LOVELY. I have worn blankets on more than one occasion.
Love this image showing just how chic the blanket scarf can be!

My blanket scarves are rectangular but I have also seen gigantic square ones.  I've even seen some Instagram posts about cutting the square blanket scarf in half to reduce the bulk but keep the look.  If you're handy, you could bribe your friends to make you one make your own.  I would bet there are plenty of blanket scarves to be found at VV Boutique and other thrift shops!  I will add it to my hunting list, just in case I need to increase my collection to 5 or more.
I admit, I now want a big square plaid scarf... I will suggest that for my family for Christmas!

If I learned anything in my research, it's to hang onto quality scarves for a decade or two!  Also, a word of advice: don't rule out your infinity scarves in the midst of the blanket-scarf frenzy.  There are plenty of cold days ahead.  If I conservatively estimate 6 months of scarf-wearing, that's 180 opportunities to give every last scarf you own plenty of wear-time.  Better get a couple more just to be safe!

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