Wednesday 26 November 2014

Black + Navy = Easy Chic

Let's just pretend it's Monday.  Then when we get to "Wednesday" it will really be Friday and everyone will be happily surprised!!  Or disoriented, but whatev.  A little disorientation is in order after my week got off to a feverish start.  Sunday night I started feeling it and by Monday I was down for the count.  If I had black & navy jammies, I would have embraced the Monday Style Prompt from bed.  Alas, I had to wait till Tuesday to wear black & navy, then till Wednesday to feel well enough to blog about it.  That's a long story for a simple outfit.
Gifted but thrifted black top.
Navy wool skirt $4.90 VV Boutique, tights from my closet
Accessorize necklace, She Does Create earrings and bracelet

There's something special about wearing black and navy together.  All black is okay, but maybe a bit too artsy or lazy or something... but throw in a little navy and suddenly you're daring and intriguing, classic yet bold, midnight and sapphire(Blame the dramatics on my fevered dreams of late!!)  Navy adds interest, depth and layers with very little effort - just swap out one of your black pieces for some navy.
This is supposedly a "power" stance.
I like to call it the "I'm wearing comfy clothes but hey I still have a waistline" stance.

Think of black and navy as colour neighbours!  There's something edgy about wearing colour neighbours like you mean it!!!
I *really* look like I mean business here, don't I.
Don't mess with Black & Navy Girl.

My shoes meant business.  They are my first and only pair of thrifted Fly London shoes in perfect condition and they make me feel better just by looking at them!
There they are acting all cas' when they're really so fab!
$13.30 from VV Boutique but regular retail $185 or more!!!
You give me FEVER, Fly London!

As it turns out, I don't have many navy pieces (must rectify that ASAP), but when the time came for me to finally get dressed, I was glad that such a simple outfit looked like more than the sum of its parts.  Yep, after my Pinterest research and seeing everyone rocking the Monday Style Prompt in person, I can only conclude that Black + Navy = Easy Chic, a sick girl's best friend!

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