Tuesday 24 September 2013

The Big Picture

On Sunday, I attended the "Fall Fashion and Beauty Trends" event organized by the amazing Shirley Borrelli in support of the amazing organization Suit Yourself.  Shirley is an image consultant and a entrepreneur extraordinaire.  She has helped countless women look and feel their best and is a generous mentor to many new and established business women.  She is yet another smart, savvy and funny woman that I am blessed to know!  Suit Yourself is a non-profit free service that collects and distributes quality wardrobe items with the mission to "increase the confidence and self esteem of disadvantaged women searching for employment or making a transition into the workforce."  I attended to help my talented sister She Does Create who was vending at the event (and donated 10% of sales to Suit Yourself!), and had a great time - inevitable when surrounded by so many wonderful people!
Sister selfie

I was running late Sunday morning - solo parenting, trying to get 3 kids to church, packing for a picnic, no time to shower... did I mention I was late?!!  In the 5 minutes I had to get myself ready, I reached for my current favourite style formula and was just thankful I was leaving the house clean (which is not a given; hands up if you've ever wiped off a smudge and called 'er "good enough").
Snakeskin belt $2.10, Anne Ross shoes $9.10
Lana Lee skirt new with tags $7
All from VV Boutique

Turns out my formula hit on a few fall trends identified by Shirley - the ladylike look, leather and leather accents, longer skirt length, lace and texture, emerald...  It also fit with my mix-not-match mission and was my second-choice pairing (though I didn't have time to snap my first choice!)
 Any mirror will do to keep up the VV Boutique Style traditions!

While I was watching the fashion show, listening to Shirley and observing the crowd, I pondered fashion and style in general.  We women have A LOT going on in our busy lives and we are all doing our best!  Though I love all the tips and tricks shared, it is important to remember the big picture.  Maybe every last element of your style didn't come together in the morning; maybe you're wearing something not quite on-trend; maybe your manicure is chipped and your skirt has a stain and your hair isn't just-so, but the big picture says: I care about myself and I care about others.  That is the best fall trend that everyone can embrace!

Phew. That sounds like the end of my post but it's not because this event gave me direction about something else on my mind: my capsule wardrobe giveaway Despite my best efforts, I have not found a recipient from those affected by the Alberta floods.  I still feel the call to donate those pieces, and now I know that Suit Yourself is the perfect place for them to go!  I will include the two $25 gift certificates donated by Value Village for the cause, and rest easy knowing that the clothing and gift certificates will go to a woman in need and help her look and feel fabulous! 

Regarding the StyleMint credit I was trying to give away, well, what can I say.  It was late, there was a sale...
StyleMint chambray $30 including shipping and everything
Will include this as a Splurge purchase in November!

Also, since I'm ethically obligated to wear my new VV pieces two days in a row...
Lana Lee skirt, mustard tank $4.20, belt $3.50, Clarks shoes $10
Accessories from my closet

By the way, I learned a great new term for these ankle boots from the stylish and friendly Kathy of Katwalk Shoes: she-booties!  Fun to say, fun to wear!
 Fall trend big-picture summary:


  1. Love both outfits. Shawna

  2. hallelujah! ...ps. hair looks great!!! - mmm


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