Saturday 20 July 2013

Summer Markets and Reading

How is it possible that July is flying by so fast?  I am left to conclude one thing by the rapidly passing time: I am old getting old.  I have come to another conclusion this summer: I am #afraidofpants.  It started with camping on the May long weekend, then continued through sitonmybuttwritingreports June when my colleague Chantel brought things like chocolate lasagna and monkey munch to work, then summer hit and I've been wearing skirts and dresses almost every day whilst enjoying ice cream and hot dogs.  So you can understand.  Here is my ground-breaking outfit for today.  You *may* recognize the formula...
Marks and Spencer dress $9.10, Graphic tee $7 VV Boutique
Shoes from my closet

Turns out a fitted cute tee over a dress works with most dresses.  No pesky waistband to deal with.  #afraidofpants  I went to visit my sister at a local market and quickly stole something selected something to buy.  I.e., the pendant necklace did not start the day with me at 11am when I finally got ready.
 Lisa Leonard One Little Word necklace, beaded necklace $1 VV Boutique
Earrings and bracelet also from my collection of She Does Create

As it turns out, this piece created a cool necklace layering effect. 
I love "helping" my sister and taking the opportunity for some people watching community observations.  Most of the time, I am stymied by the lack of accessories worn by the general public.  I feel naked without at least three accessories on any given day.  I love playing with accessories and seeing how they change the mood of the outfit and add mileage to your wardrobe.  There are unique affordable accessories at VV Boutique, and designers like my fab sis are great alternatives to brands like Silpada or Stella and Dot - not that there is anything wrong with them!  I love them too!  What I'm trying to say is that it is possible to find unique pieces that no one else will have that express your individual style at a reasonable price point.  Summers are awesome for festivals and markets, so it is the perfect time time to shop around and find something special that makes your heart sing!  Or, if you are sitting on line at midnight like me, designers like my fab sis offer on line shopping or purchases straight off her Facebook page Style thanks you, Technology.  So for crying out loud put on a necklace. 

That concludes the outfit portion of this post.

The other great thing about summer is finally having more time to read!  Alas, I finished my second Book Sneeze selection and offer my review here:

Bound Together by Chris Brauns

“…The principle of the rope, though we first experience it as the worst possible news, is ultimately good news.  The principle of the rope is what underlies the good news of the gospel, namely, that if we are roped to Christ, we are so bound to him that nothing …can ever separate us from his love.”
Why did I choose this book: 

This book immediately caught my eye from the Book Sneeze options.  Over the past couple years, I have learned so much about the spiritual soul ties between people, and I am ever eager to learn more about it.  I am also learning and experiencing the joy of community, and was interested in learning more about how the greater community (beyond family and close friends) is connected.

  • Brauns' analogy is fairly simple.  The “principle of the rope” is that we are all connected, for better or worse, and even though we may believe we act “autonomously,” we have an impact on the community around us.  Brauns provides scripture references and discussion to establish this principle, which shouldn’t be hard for us to buy if we already believe that Christ created us for community.
  • Brauns explains the impact of “the original sin” and shows how Jesus’ work on the cross basically trumps any effect from the original sin or from any connection to people making bad choices, or to our own past sins.  
  • Brauns backs everything up with scripture.
  • Brauns has different styles of writing within the book; sometimes he is conversational and personal with his readers and sometimes he is technical and literary – both of which I felt came across like trying a little too hard.  I better enjoyed the bulk of the book where his writing style was more natural.
  • I commend Brauns for this book because it goes against the grain.  Contemporary culture doesn’t exactly want to face the truth of our interconnectedness.  We would rather believe we are independent and autonomous.  Brauns explains that the rope is what allows us to uncover our true humanity living in solidarity.
  • The Bible commands us to be joyful, and Brauns illustrates how joy is found in fellowship.  This particular point made me consider social media; when used for good, it facilitates fellowship and can indeed bring joy and connection.
  • Brauns also does a good job of discussing the principle of the rope in marriage and hurting families, and assures us that through our connection to the Church (meaning the whole community of believers) we are adopted into a new family and can rest in a new identity in Christ.
  • Throughout the book, Brauns nicely summarizes and reiterates important points, and gives a great summary at the end. 
Bottom line: Though I found some of the book repetitive, it bears repeating as long as it takes for us to get it!  No one need be trapped by the sins of their forefathers or their own sins, or anything in our community and culture around us.  We can all experience true freedom in Christ.  Brauns has much more to say, so I recommend you just go out and get the book and read it!

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In exchange for writing a review, I received this book for free.

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