Sunday 14 July 2013

Giveaway Update and a Strapless Maxi Dress

This has been an awesome week for VV Boutique Style!  One week ago, I published the "Capsule Wardrobe Give Away" post and was overwhelmed by the positive response!  I got tons of support from family and friends and the Alberta social media community!  Mayor Nenshi of Calgary retweeted my link as did Bif Naked and so many others!  Marta Gold retweeted, then blogged about my giveaway, then featured it in the actual Edmonton Journal on Friday July 12!  I was totally surprised to see the Blogger tally of hits climb and climb - sitting at over 2100 as of tonight.  I was also totally surprised to not find someone to give my wardrobe to.  I felt such a calling to do this post that I was prepared to find more than one person in need and do a second give-away with different pieces.  Alas, that has not happened... YET.  I just know that sooner or later, I will find someone in my size and style who needs her spirits raised with a donation of great pieces including my favourite dress of all time, a MATT & NAT wallet and bag, a signature coral pendant necklace by local designer She Does Create, a $30 StyleMint credit and much more.  In addition, Natalie Harper is on stand-by to hook my recipient up with some products from London Drugs and Charity Smith has offered another Nine West bag option that will be perfect with this capsule wardrobe.  AND, Value Village itself is contributing a gift card for my recipient to expand her new wardrobe with more great thrifted pieces.  I have total faith that I fill find that perfect someone, and when I do, I will shout it from the rooftops!  Or at least on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  So please keep your eyes and ears open and tweet me, email me, or send a carrier pigeon if you know of someone size 10ish affected by the Alberta Floods who would like a little VV Boutique Style

Since I have already said my good-byes to my capsule wardrobe pieces, I will package them up so they are ready to go on short notice!  As such, I was down from 3 to 2 maxi dresses and as it turns out, maxi dresses are pretty well the perfect summer piece.  You can dress them up or down, you don't have to worry about shaving your legs, you can eat at Smashburger and have blended drinks and never feel constricted.  All this to say, I need more than 2 and was lucky enough to find one last Friday night.  Today was an epic summer fun day that started in rain, headed out on a long road trip and is not even over yet!  (I'm actually blogging on the road!)  My new striped maxi dress was perfect for the day and gave me a chance to test-drive a strapless dress outside of my own community in case of accidental flashings.
Can you guess my destination by the T-Rex behind me?
QED London maxi $6.30, Ann Taylor cardi $4.20 both from VV Boutique
Elephant pendant by She Does Create
Shoes from closet, and infamous Fossil bag
It's not every day that my selfie is photo-bombed by a dinosaur.

I haven't worn a strapless dress since my grade 9 graduation.  Things were much, er, smaller back then.  I don't really like the look of bra straps showing on me personally; I know many stylish women look just fine and it is kinda hard to avoid with summer tank tops, but generally I try to avoid it as much as possible.  With that in mind, I recently had a new experience at VV Boutique.  I got a second-hand strapless bra for $2.50.  I figured, I bought second-hand swimsuits, so what's the dif; anyway, bras are so expensive and I can't fathom needing a strapless one enough to justify the cost per wear of regular retail.  Also, after shopping for a dress for a friend for Meet the Media, I realized that women really should keep on hand a variety of bras so that we are prepared!  Good thinking, because I bought this dress knowing I had a bra to wear with it!
Just me and the beautiful Alberta Badlands!

Here's what I have to report about going strapless: it worked out better than I expected!  I had a full day, carried my kids, wore it with and without the cardi and didn't even come close to a wardrobe malfunction!
 The Royal Tyrrell Museum has plenty of options for mirror self-photography...
Even if passersby do look at you funny.
 The strapless maxi dress was no problem in the notorious Drumheller wind,
the splash park or the park.  Perfect for sitting in the grass and pretending to be ladylike.

About the only problem I can report is this: it was hard on my husband.  Wink wink.  He figured strapless meant, er, easy access and flirty peeks.  Sorry Hon, I love you, but that's not what this dress is about! 
My photographer was so busy looking at the, er, view, 
that he neglected to tell me about the hair situation.

To those of you who wear strapless tops and dresses routinely, does the novelty eventually wear off?!  Hope so!  All in all it was a fantastic day and I felt like a stylish summer mom - again!

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