Friday 21 June 2013

VV Boutique Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

I'm doing it.  I'm going there.  I'm doing a VV Boutique "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition"... Minus the sports.  Minus the beach.  Minus the Photo Shop.  Minus the model.  Plus one real life mom.

I decided quite a while ago that I was going to hunt for a bathing suit at VV Boutique.  I figure, they can be washed just like other clothing and they are expensive regular retail, so it can't hurt to look for one second-hand.  Then, my friend made a special request on my Facebook page for me to tackle swimsuits and alas, here I am, ready to go.

Before I show you the behind-the-scenes shopping adventure, I am going to rant just a little.  I have a three-year-old girl.  If I have it my way, she will never hear me complain about my body.  And why should I?  It serves me so well!  Every morning it wakes up, takes me everywhere, hums along with not much input from me!  It made 3 babies, nursed for about 7 years almost continuously, and graciously allows me to enjoy my life.  I am nothing but thankful for this body.  It is far from perfect, as it should be; after all, I don't work out, I have had inadequate sleep since 2005, I don't really like water, and I eat with pleasure!  I feel better when I take care of myself well, but when I don't, there's no sense wasting energy getting down on myself.  I don't weigh myself because I am a smart lady.  I have eyes to see and a sensory system to note when my clothes are getting tight.  I don't need a scale for anything.  I recommend y'all throw that bugger out since I'm betting you, too, are smart!  Chances are, you are the only one who notices your flaws.  Anyone who cares about them isn't worth being around or even considering.  I once worked with a mom who would not go swimming with her kids because she was so insecure about her body, and she was about my size.  I felt so sad that she would miss out on a pleasurable activity because of insecurity.  Let's all tell Insecurity to get lost!  Character is important!  Cellulite is not.  You may say, that's fine and well because you're a tall blonde.  Well, to that I say, yep, I'm blessed.  I fall into the category of "not the best not the worst" and guess what?  So do you.  Be thankful, read this then get to the nearest pool or beach and enjoy yourself!

Now then.  Here are some fitting room photos of my swim suit hunt at VV Boutique:
I don't really like halter-style tops or bathing suits despite the fact that my wedding dress was halter style!!  I find it leaves an expanse of back that is not very flattering, on me anyways, even though the front view ain't too bad.  All the others are self-explanatory!
I used to always wear a tankini but now with all the actual movement in water that I do to keep up with my kids, I prefer the security of a one piece.  Water slides + two-piece suit = flashing innocent bystanders.

I did find THREE acceptable swimsuits, ALL new with tags on and crotch gusset (there is no good word) sticker in place.  But first, I will show you my real bathing suit...
 Purchased a little over a year ago for about $125 from Swim Co.
Blue polka dots have faded to gray already.

God bless favourite Megan for accompanying me (whilst very pregnant) on that shopping trip and patiently helping me navigate swimsuit selection.  Megan, I couldn't have been successful now at VV without your tutelage then!! 

Winner Number One
 Joe Fresh blue polka dot $5.60
Chevron stripe wrap $2.80

How could I not get this?!  Bright colours, pattern mixing, CHEVRON!  The one-piece suit is a little high-cut for my modest taste on its own,but with the skirt, it is awesome!  This was my 5yo photographer's favourite suit!

Winner Number Two
 Leilani floral $7

Like my own suit, this has a bust-flattering ring and could be worn without that purely decorative tie!  It has ribbing on the sides so I felt very secure that I wouldn't have a wardrobe malfunction even with the tie off!
As soon as I tried this suit, I knew it would work perfectly with this large scarf I bought last year off Zulily for about $13.  I tied it like a sarong and instantly wanted a pina colada.

Winner Number Three
Christina black $9.10

This suit also had ribbing and ruching and could be worn without the straps.  The straps can also be worn straight or crossed.  It was very snug and secure and modest, but still black and a little sexy.  At least, that's what I told myself.
Paired with black swim skirt $4.20

The chevron wrap would work with this suit, or I picked up a little black swim skirt as well.  I would saunter down the beach for some onion rings in this and flip flops!

There you have it!  For $28.70, I got three NEW suits plus more styling options with the skirts!  I would call this a MAJOR SUCCESS!  

General swimsuit tips:
  • wear big earrings - draws the eye up, decorates yourself
  • sun glasses are essential (er, if you are outdoors.  Indoors would be odd.)
  • waterproof mascara is also essential
  • keep an open mind!  Try on several styles and patterns and go with what you feel good in! 
And with that, it's time for me to go and enjoy the longest day of the year!  Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Love that you are willing to post swimsuit pics! I might not be that brave...! :)

    I agree 100% about being thankful for the body God has given you. And I also sincerely hope my children never hear me complain about my body, either - even if they are boys and are more likely to complain that they can't put on enough weight, like their daddy does - as if that is fair! ;) Although I must admit, I do still fall into the trap of stepping onto that evil scale, mostly to keep myself accountable!

    I really like the leilani swimsuit - I pretty much love anything that looks like it came straight from Hawaii! And even if black isn't always the most exciting option, I usually feel the most comfortable in a black swimsuit cause they seem the most forgiving - especially when combined with ruching! :)

    Anyway, nice work! I'm impressed! Enjoy! :)

    1. Good point, Kim. It's just as important that boys hear positive body talk - not just for their own self-concepts but also for how they view women. I'll never forget how my oldest son loved my "squishy" post-partum tummy! He helped me re-frame it into something to be loved! And I think he'll grow up appreciating soft lovable women!

  2. Fabulous! I love that your blog posts delve much deeper than clothing or the body that it covers. Your latest comments about your daughter made me think of these gems:

    Being the tech-saavy mama that you are, you've likely already seen both, but it gave me a good excuse to comment on your "pretty inspiring" (um, watch the video and you'll understand) post. :) Keep up the awesome adventure!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing those links because I actually had never come across them! I love the notion of never using "pretty" on its own. All of my kids are pretty friggin awesome, and my oldest reads way above grade level! I've read several novels aloud with my boys - my 5yo might be the best read kindergartener this fall! Love that question for talking to kids! Thanks also for your kind words about this post!

  3. Great post! The look on your "low rise bottoms" pic is priceless!

    1. It was scary, Joelle. (lol) Cheers to keeping it real!


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