Thursday 27 June 2013

Silk and Spikes

It occurred to me that I may have been misleading when I asked for help choosing a dress for the Next Gen DIYalogue Talks Fashion event I attended.  It may have seemed that I would *return* the two dresses I didn't end up wearing.  Maybe I would do that when paying regular retail but definitely not with VV Boutique prices!  I could hardly wait to wear my "Anthropologie" Lilka dress.  And tell everyone I encountered I was wearing a dress from Anthro that I paid $6.50 for.
 Lilka dress $6.50 VV Boutique
Franco Sarto shoes $13.30 and necklaces $2.80 together, VV Boutique
Vest hand-me-down from my sis

This dress can hold its own, of course, but I liked the layering with the vest and felt it made it more work-appropriate without resorting to an expected cardigan.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  
The pretty colours are going to be easy to style with purple, gray, blue, blush, mustard, black!  I can easily think of 6 different styles per cost just sitting here and it goes without saying that this dress only spurns on my hunt for the elusive mustard cardi.
My photographer was distracted by his cat, but this photo gives me a chance to boast about the skirt a bit - it is SILK.  Not only do I have an Anthro dress, I have a silk Anthro dress.  In addition to keeping all the dresses, I'm keeping the perfect accessories by She Does Create.  The accessory-trifecta of earrings, necklace and bracelet was perfection as a unit, but the piece that most boggles my style mind is the spiky bracelet.
I have a very small wrist and have a hard time finding bracelets that fit.  Well, luckily I'm a spoiled baby sister because my talented sister made this specifically for MY small wrist!  You'd think all those spikes would be heavy, but no; they are light and pleasantly jingly!  My 3-year-old said, "ouch your beautiful bracelet poked me," but really, those spikes are not large or dangerous.  I think she was just trying to get my bracelet.  Can't blame her.  Sorry Sweetie, but Mommy's not sharing this one.

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  1. the vest looks great with the dress! Janet D


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