Thursday 18 April 2013

Easy Does It

These are busy times and busy times call for easy outfits.  Hence my easy combo of fave green pants and a new top from VV:
 Green H&M crops $9, Sperry's $9.80 and top $6 from VV Boutique.
It is hard to see in the photos, but the little flowers are cut-outs, like giant lace.  I consider this top a "basic+" - basic piece with interesting details.  Early in the day, I threw on a black cardi but otherwise a few simple accessories were all I needed to feel put-together.  
Three cool things happened today.  (Maybe more, if I start counting...)
  1. I wore shoes without socks and was comfortable. 
  2. I found a very promising stylist close to home.  No weird colours in my hair.  No awkward conversation.  Very promising indeed. 
  3. My work friends talked about my blog with me.  As in, they read it.  That's pretty cool.  And even cooler: they were inspired.  Re: coloured pants, they said, "We said to each other, Nicole does it all the time and looks good.  We could do it too."  To that I say YES YOU CAN.  We could be a rainbow every day.  
That is all kinds of happy, right there.

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