Thursday 11 April 2013

Blue Crush Styles

I love not having to rush out the door on Thursday mornings.  Since I only work Thursday afternoons, I can take quality time in the mornings with my kids doing crafts from Pinterest and other enriching activities.  Oooorrrrrr changing my outfit several times while they watch videos (Scholastic videos!) and play educational iPhone games (that I *need* to preview for work).

And so it was this Thursday morning that I styled my new VV Boutique sheer floral top in two different ways:
Style One with black tank and yellow skinnies, because I am determined to bring Spring to April in Canada.
 Style Two with blue trouser pants and long sleeve red Gap tee because, let's face it, Spring hasn't exactly sprung.

This "Blue Crush" brand top was $7 and came with a white tank and the blue braided belt pictured here that just so happens to match exactly to my Hispanitas shoes!  Clearly, it was meant to be!  My splurge sister recently picked up either the same top or one very similar from VV Boutique, so now I can stop being jealous and focus my efforts on ensuring we don't wear it at the same time same place.  (Text me when you're going to wear it.)
 Earrings and necklace from my closet.  Braided side bun courtesy of "one more turn with Toca."

I happen to love red and blue together, and the yellow, well, it makes my heart sunny!  I ended up wearing the trouser bo-ho look and later asked my 5-year-old photographer which ensemble he preferred.  The answer: "The yellow one.  I like skinny pants."  Oh.

Which do YOU prefer?!


  1. I'm with you, N, I like the red one as well

  2. Both looks are gorgeous. Would the red tee, blue crush and yellow pants work together? janet d


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