Tuesday 18 December 2012

Winter Maxi

I tried.  I really did. 

I read the Ain't No Mom Jeans fabulous-as-always post on wearing a maxi skirt/dress in winter and felt so inspired!  I had been looking longingly at my maxi dress the other day and was so excited to have "permission" to wear it in winter that I immediately tried it several ways.

First up, I tried layering it with a sweater and vest, just like ANMJ but felt I needed a belt to give me some shape.  This is my "I am warm and cozy" pose.  You don't see that on America's Next Top Model.
Max Studio maxi dress $26 Winners
Vest hand-me-down from my closet
Fuchsia belt $4 VV Boutique
Mustard Frye boots of awesomeness 

With a basic black cardi and animal print tee.
 Playing with textures with a silky blush top and wool cardi.
 Swap out the mustard for an emerald cardi from my closet!

Awesome!  So many possibilities!  I could hardly choose which one to try first.  Which look is your favourite?!

Before I reveal which I wore, let me explain a couple things.  Unlike the ANMJ scenario, it is winter here.  As in, so much snow that I've been stuck in my own driveway more than once.  It is cold - and that was one of the appealing thoughts about this look - layering up coziness under the dress, which I did and I enjoyed.  Also unlike ANMJ, I am not a petite woman.  I have small wrists and ankles like Spongebob, but I'm fairly tall and that's a lot of fabric carousing around.  I tripped on my way down the stairs and all-in-all felt that adding layers to this dress just made it seem like there was a whole lotta me billowing about.  Not really the chic effect I was hoping for...
As Eminem says, you only get one shot do not miss this opportunity.
That's what it's like when your 4-year-old is in charge of fashion photography.

Here I am in said driveway on my way to work late as usual, freezing with my coat open so I could show off the pretty blush (I was feeling the monochromatic vibe that morning).  Unbeknownst to me I had spilled coffee on my top in my haste to the van.  One shot, not missed.  Coffee spill however was missed. 

It was just too much.  The skirt, the boots, the tights...  I had a low key day in my office but even when I shed the sweater and scarf, I still felt like the sound of my movement was deafening. My skirt dragged in the snow and against my dirty van.  I did not feel at ease going about my day.  

It's okay though.  Nothing ventured nothing gained and it was fun to play dress up with so many of my VV Boutique pieces!  But let me save you some effort by sharing this: if it is dark around 4pm where you live, save your maxi dresses and skirts for warmer weather when they can shine on their own and billow in the sunny breeze rather than the blizzard snow!  This public service message brought to you by VV Boutique Style.  You're welcome.


  1. Ok, first of all thank u for lightening up my season... Now, on to the maxi... So too bad it didn't work cuz I loved loved loved the 1st green & purple combo (I'm sure u have better colour labels), my #2 pick is the mustard cardi stripes combo & 3rd is the animal print. I say do it again!!! But maybe fall?

  2. Aw you're sweet MBMM! Okay, I will try again one day when it's a little more relaxed... say for church then brunch at my favourite nearby place?!! hee hee

  3. Okay, that's what I will go with... one day...!


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