Sunday 9 December 2012

Day Date with my Loves (scarf and husband, not in that order)

I mentioned last time that I have recently acquired a(nother) awesome scarf that is in contention to become my favourite if I were to choose one...!  Well, I had a perfect opportunity to wear it yesterday on the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of my first real date with my husband.  Something to celebrate, for sure!  Which we did, by having a fast lunch then cramming as much Christmas shopping as we could into an afternoon before heading back to get the kids, load them and the babysitter up, take her home, and head out to an evening birthday party with SEVENTEEN children.  My fab scarf saw a lot of action!
 Olive print scarf $4 VV Boutique
Charlotte Russe tee $4 Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe
Part Two Belt $67 C'est Sera
Olive cardi $11 Joe, J Brand Denim, bangles from my closet
Not a bad photo for 10pm!
I love love love this scarf!  The pattern is interesting yet neutral - I have been wanting to try mixing patterns and this scarf was exactly what I needed!  It has some bulk to it yet is light weight!  It is super long and can be worn every which way.  In the interest of accuracy, I took this photo to demonstrate scale...
The scarf is folded in half!
That's a Lindt bar.  I figured it to be a familiar reference.
I love it so much, I wore it again today for my busy Sunday with my beloved chambray...
 Chambray $7 VV Boutique
Ann Taylor skinny cargos $6 VV Boutique
Miz Mooz fave black boots
Another decent shot at a time when I'm normally in jammies digging into that Lindt.
I love how this scarf elevates these neutral basics!  I haven't decided what I'm wearing to work tomorrow but it seems to be my habit to wear my new pieces over and over and over so we'll see if the scarf makes my Monday happy!  

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