Sunday 25 January 2015

Funnel Neck Sunday

What I wish the title said is "Funnel Cake Sunday" but alas my Sunday was cakeless.  However, it was a warm January day for a cozy blackless outfit!
Charcoal sweater $7, skirt $4.20, boots $4.50 VV Boutique
Tights and earrings from my closet

I scored this Italian wool sweater at the St. Albert sneak peek and it has been keeping me cozy despite not being properly blogged till now.  It is the softest wool and over-sized without being dowdy.
Unless you're a size -2 model, oversize can be a bit tricky to pull off.
Better to err on the side of not too oversized.
A "funnel" neck, by the way, is a turtle neck without a fold according to the VVBS Official Style Dictionary.
(Totally made all that up.)

These sweaters seem to be styled simply - not much by way of necklaces in the mags or on Pinterest.  That doesn't mean you can't wear a necklace, but I was busy this morning making gingerbread pancakes which cut into my getting ready time.  Earrings were all I could grab without being even more late for church.
These earrings are B.T. (Before Thrifting) and are amongst my faves!

Anything oversized looks balanced with a fitted bottom...
It was so warm today I didn't even need a coat.

Walking down the lane...
Only to discover my puppy has been snacking on Christmas lights.

I loved the pop of colour in the skirt and the texture of the sweater and tights and boots...
 These boots might not be leather but they're comfortable and versatile!

I wanted to wear this charcoal sweater before the last week of Black Out Style is upon me - I'll be focusing on getting as much colour into the last days as possible, starting with complementary colours for tomorrow's Monday Style Prompt!  It's not too late to join in and forgo black for your chance to win a $50 gift certificate from She Does Create!  Just let me know you're participating to be entered into the draw! 
No black is easy to do with fab thrifted pieces like these!


  1. I wore black in my last two outfits without even realising it! I failed this year!

    1. Two days does not make a fail!! A little bit o black is grounding to an outfit, the colour is just for fun! Thanks for playing along!


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