Tuesday 12 August 2014

DIY Distressed Denim Shorts

After my successful DIY distress denim vest experiment, I got to thinking about denim shorts.  I have mixed feelings about distressed denim shorts.  The super high-waist super short super distressed ones with pockets dangling out the bottom are simply not for me.  I'm not sure they're for anyone besides 22yo models/ballerinas, but there are some other cute varieties, like these ones I saw on Anthro...
These exact ones must have sold out since I took a screen shot this morning.
I guess that means lots of people are willing to pay the $100 sale price.  NOT ME

I have a pair of $6 thrifted denim shorts from last year.  The fit isn't *amazing* but they are okay.  I was looking around for another pair to try distressing, then I thought about one of the Instagrammers I follow - Work With What Ya Got!  She would say, why buy another pair?!  So this morning I set to work with my sandpaper and bleach using the Anthro pair as my model...
I'm pretty conservative when it comes to distressing but I wanted at least a few bonafide holes!
Before and after sandpapering

Hard to tell but I took a ton of blue fluff off and they are now nice and soft with a few holes.  I didn't want too much distressing on the back (no one needs to see bum peeking through) and the inner legs will get distressed au naturel!  I bleached them but only for a short time - didn't want faded shorts, just a slightly lighter wash.  The finished results...
You thought I was an Anthro model there for a second, didn't you?
Much less "mom shorts" than before...
I thought about cutting the hem and fraying, but my Anthro example had a roll, so I just rolled these.
Not too bad for $6 shorts and a little effort.

Now, I wouldn't cry if the Anthro version suddenly showed up on my doorstep but for how often I wear denim shorts, these DIY distressed denim shorts will do just fine!
$22 outfit vs. $100 shorts on sale??!

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