Monday, 10 February 2014

Style Prescription

It seems my husband is favouring the area of my closet with all the pieces that I've been avoiding because he grabbed another problem piece yesterday.  I dealt with that with a total cop out temporary avoidance and layered it under a sweater.

You wouldn't think a simple top in a popular colour would be hard to style, but this one has bib-like ruching detail and funny sleeves that make it tricky.  I bought it months ago for $2.50 at Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe thinking I would have no difficulty getting my money's worth.  Turns out, sometimes even incredible bargains like this aren't all that; compared to my JBrand denim (worn more times than I could count, originally about $115 half-off) this oxblood top has a higher cost per wear, so far anyway. 

In the interest of testing my strategy for problem pieces, I decided to wear it again today and this time pair it with a contrasting colour or pattern.  Guess what?  It worked again.
 Teal boyfriend blazer $7, belt $2.10, Clarks she-booties $10 VV Boutique
Icebreaker wool skirt and tights from my closet
Blurry shot from a 3yo Diva Photographer "I SAID DATS GOOD"

I admit I started this outfit with some help from Pinterest...
A few trends packed into one look: oxblood top, dirndl skirt, and the ever-popular bootie. All from ASOS.
But I prefer my version with the contrasting colour; so much more Elisa Nalin...
Elisa Nalin - red, turquoise, yellow
Wish I would've worn yellow shoes!
Close enough!

I consider my strategy now verified and plan to apply a healthy dose of Pinterest plus a cup of contrast to any problem piece from here forward!  
I love being right it when my ideas are successful.

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